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What happened to the Norinco 1911?

What happened to the Norinco 1911?

Anyway, under the anti-gun ‘Buy Back’ scheme, the Federal Government bought the 1911 (A true ‘government’ model indeed!) and then – along with thousands of other surrendered firearms – they destroyed it. With the generous funding he got from the Australian taxpayer for the doomed Norinco 1911, my shooting buddy purchased a Glock.

Is the Norinco a good pistol to buy?

Norinco makes an nice pistol that will certainly take a beating. I vote for fixing it and enjoying it. I have opted to get a latest model NORINCO, after about two decades of owning their earlier mil-spec offering, and found it to be a lot more refined, than its brother of yesteryears.

When did the 1911 change to the M1911A1?

These changes took effect in 1924, starting around serial number 700,000, and the Model 1911 update was designated the M1911A1. By 1943, World War II M1911A1s featured brown plastic grip panels and a Parkerized finish. A number of manufacturers were building them including Colt, Ithaca Gun Company, Remington Rand, Singer and Union Switch & Signal.

Is there a problem with the Norinco?

He had no problem with it, but recently he has learned that thanks to the high quality steel construction of the Norinco and the low quality, irrationality of the Government, he had lost a firearm that was much better than he knew at the time he surrendered it. I do appreciate this article/tutelage.

What to look for in a Norinco pistol?

It is also solid steel. In a nutshell, with good Norinco, you should leave the slide assembly alone. For the lower assembly, you should install an Evolution Gun Works magazine release and a Cylinder and Slide Hammer set. Then you will have a wonderful pistol. Of course I also like the Ed Brown extended thumb safety.

Are Clayco and Norinco guns the same?

There are many, which brought in guns as early as 1983-4. Here is the same “NORINCO” ad through Clayco. It is safe to presume that Claycos and Norincos are the same guns with different furniture.