What happens in chapter 16 of gathering blue?

What happens in chapter 16 of gathering blue?

Evening arrives, and Kira and Thomas wait for the tenders to finish their daily duties before venturing downstairs to visit Jo. Kira takes her scrap of cloth and advises Thomas to bring his special carved wood and his key, hoping that their objects will warn them if they are in danger.

Why was Kira crying at the end of Chapter 16?

She wants to be free of the robe, so that she can weave her own patterns and designs. She cries, wishing that she could leave the Edifice and return to her old life. Kira cries for the first time in months—once again, Lowry juxtaposes a moment of extreme pain and sadness with a moment of epiphany and personal growth.

What happened in Chapter 15 gathering blue?

At midday on the day of Annabella’s death, Kira sees the men constructing a new dyeing place for her near the Edifice. The men also bring all of Annabella’s materials, and Jamison tells Kira that Annabella’s cott still stands, should she wish to live there herself in the future. …

What does Kira say Matts skills are?

Kira says that Matt does have skills: he can make others laugh and smile.

What happens in chapter 19 of gathering blue?

On the day of the Gathering, Kira is awakened by the muted sounds of the villagers converging on the Council Edifice to hear the Ruin Song. Usually loud and unruly, the people proceed solemnly and respectfully with their entire families.

What is the ruin song in Gathering Blue?

In Lowry’s Gathering Blue, the Ruin Song is a song celebrating the apocalyptic events which led to the fall of civilization.

Who is Matt in Gathering Blue?

Matty is a major character in Gathering Blue and the main protagonist in Messenger. In Gathering Blue, he is a young, wild 8-year-old boy and a close friend of Kira; in Messenger, he has aged to 14, is under the care of Christopher, and has begun to develop healing powers.

What have Thomas and Kira agreed to do at the end of Ch 15?

At first, Thomas tells Kira that the guardians won’t like it if she helps Jo, but then he offers to help her by providing her with a key he carved. The key can open any lock in the Edifice, he tells her. Thomas agrees to come with Kira and help Jo that night.

What does Kira finish in Chapter 18?

Kira takes on the responsibilities of a mother. This contrasts markedly with the cold, cruel “parenthood” the Council and Jamison provide. In the days leading up to the Gathering, Kira completes the robe. Jamison visits her and inspects the robe, and says she’s done an excellent job.

Why doesn’t Matt enter Kira’s room with his dog?

Matt and his dog, Branch, have been allowed by Jamison to enter the Council Edifice because Kira needs his assistance with carrying her personal possessions. When Jamison and Kira enter her room, Matt stops in the hall of his own accord.

Who is Christopher Gathering Blue?

Katrina’s husband and Kira’s father. Kira believes Christopher to be dead until the last chapters of the book.

What is the plot summary of Gathering Blue?

Gathering Blue is the second book in The Giver Quartet . It follows a girl named Kira. In Kira’s mind, her damaged leg should have haunted her at birth to exposure in the Field, the place where the dead, deformed or seriously injured are brought.

Who are the main characters in Gathering Blue?

Kira is the main protagonist of Gathering Blue, also appearing in Messenger and Son as a secondary character. Kira is the main character of Gathering Blue. She was born with a twisted leg and is therefore partly disabled.

What is Gathering Blue?

Gathering Blue is the 2nd book in the Giver quartet . It follows a girl named Kira. Kira is a girl with a twisted leg who lives in a more primitive society where people who cannot work die.