What happens in Chapter 7 The Graveyard Book?

What happens in Chapter 7 The Graveyard Book?

Owens goes to talk to Bod, Bod wants to talk about the man who killed his family. He asks her to tell him the name of the man who killed his family. She doesn’t want to at first. Then she thinks about how little time she has left with Bod, because eventually he’ll leave the graveyard.

Where is Silas in Chapter 7 The Graveyard Book?

When Bod is fourteen, Silas begins disappearing for long periods. Nobody knows where he goes, and the Owenses are upset when he leaves Bod behind without a guardian to provide food. While Silas is away, Scarlett Amber Perkins moves back to Bod’s town.

Is Mr Frost Jack In The Graveyard Book?

Jack Frost is The Graveyard Book’s arch-villain. He’s the guy who butchers Bod’s family with a sharp knife, and he wants to do the same to Bod.

How many chapters does the graveyard book have?

eight chapters
Each of the eight chapters is a short story, each set two years after the preceding chapter.

Why did Mrs Owens fear for BOD Chapter 7?

Jack Frost killed Bod’s family. Why did Mrs. Owens fear for Bod? Because his guardian (Silas) was gone and he hadn’t returned for a while.

Where did BOD hide Scarlett?

Frobisher Mausoleum
Two of the men who showed up at the Frost house (Jack Nimble and Jack Ketch) pursue Scarlett and Bod. The other two (Jack Tar and Jack Dandy) stay at the house to confront Jack, who we now know is named Jack Frost. To keep Scarlett safe, Bod hides her in the Frobisher Mausoleum.

What is Haroun in the graveyard book?

So although he is never called a vampire by the author, we might assume that he is one. The Honour Guard consists of four members: Silas (probably a vampire), Miss Lupescu (a Hound of God), Haroun who is an ifrit (an arabic spirit-being), and Kandar (a mummy).

Is Silas a ghost in the graveyard book?

Silas the Vampire. Silas is the perfect example of mystery, secrecy, and slippery answers. Most of the other mythological or supernatural creatures we meet in The Graveyard Book are clearly identified. OK, we’ll just say it: Silas is a vampire.

Who helped BOD after he fell from the apple tree?

Bod tells Silas a little about his adventure, including how Liza helped him. When he gives Silas Jack’s card, Silas wants to know the whole story, so Bod tells it. Silas says he needs to take off so he can “dispose” (4.312) of the card.

Why don t Silas and the others allow BOD to leave the graveyard?

The graveyard can be described as a sanctuary for Bod because it protects him and keeps him safe, but on the other hand he is caged in the graveyard because the other ghosts and Silas don’t allow him to leave the graveyard for a long time because it is too dangerous in the world outside.

Why won’t Silas talk to BOD about the night before?

When he wakes up at home the next night, none of the dead will discuss the dance with him. Silas won’t really discuss it either. He says he can’t, “Because there are mysteries. Because there are things people are forbidden to speak about.

What happens to Bod in the graveyard in the Graveyard Book?

The graveyard is his home and he loves it, but everybody stays the same here, while he changes. For example, Fortinbras Bartleby (see Chapter 5) used to be his BFF. But he’s still ten and Bod is now fifteen, so they don’t have much in common anymore. Now Bod gets along better with Thackeray Porringer (see Chapter 6) who’s about his age.

How do I Track themes in the Graveyard Book?

Everything you need for every book you read. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Graveyard Book, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Silas has been busy. He often leaves the graveyard for days or weeks at a time.

What happens to Scarlett in the graveyard in the Graveyard Book?

That night Scarlett goes to the graveyard in her dreams and meets Bod. The two old friends talk in the dream and Bod tells her he saw her today. Scarlett remembers everything as they talk– Bod, the graveyard, and meeting the Indigo Man and the Sleer. We’re sort of surprised she could forget.

Where does the bus driver let her off at Bod’s graveyard?

The bus driver lets her off near the gates of Bod’s graveyard. Her mom is going to be so mad because she’s late, yet her mother won’t buy her a cell phone for situations like this. She starts to walk down the hill when she gets a flash of memory.