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What happens in Season 3 Episode 12 TVD?

What happens in Season 3 Episode 12 TVD?

Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus gets into the witch house where he finds Damon. He manages to make the witches reveal the coffins to him but the fourth one is missing. The episode ends with Stefan coming back home and being mad at Damon for kissing Elena and for letting Klaus take the coffins.

Why did Damon turn Abby into a vampire?

Abby was a witch, but when she abandoned Bonnie to successfully imprison Mikael, her magic was weakened to the point where she could no longer use it. She was then turned into a vampire, by Damon Salvatore, to prevent Esther from killing the Originals to save Elena Gilbert.

Why did Damon cry after killing Rose?

After she was bitten by Jules, Damon ultimately had to stake her to end her suffering. Her death caused Damon to become depressed, as he had grown to care about her a lot during the short time he knew her.

What happens in Season 3 episode 13 of Vampire Diaries?

Elena takes the knife to Alaric who confirms that is one of those he uses to hunt vampires, while Caroline takes her father home. Bill refuses to drink human blood to complete his transformation and dies. Later on, Elena returns home with Matt (Zach Roerig) to find Alaric has been stabbed.

Why does Alaric wear a ring?

The Gilbert Rings protect people from being killed by supernatural beings or causes, as long as the rings are worn. John gave his own ring to Isobel, who then gave it to Alaric. John then took possession of Grayson’s ring after the latter’s death. There are only two known Gilbert Rings in existence.

Who possessed Alaric Season 3?

Towards the end of season 3, Alaric was turned into an Enhanced Original Vampire by Esther and fed on Bonnie to complete his transition, also taking the White Oak Stake from Bonnie.

Who rose Salvatore?

Rose-Marie, commonly known as Rose, was a recurring character of The Vampire Diaries. Rose was a vampire and the best friend of fellow vampire Trevor. When Katerina Petrova was on the run from Niklaus Mikaelson, Trevor helped her escape and sent her to Rose to get help.

What happened in Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries?

The third season opened to generally positive reviews. The season takes a gap from the last season and begins with Elena Gilbert ‘s 18th birthday with all series regulars returning with the exception of Sara Canning whose character Jenna Sommers was killed off in the previous season.

Who are the actors in the TV show Vampire Diaries?

This hit series stars Ian Somerhalder (“Lost”) and was created by Kevin Williamson (“Dawson’s Creek”). In a Virginia town hiding secrets, two vampire brothers — good Stefan and the evil Damon — compete for the love of 17-year-old Elena Gilbert. 1. Pilot

What happened to Elena in the Vampire Diaries Season 5?

As the fifth season opens, Elena, after a passionate summer with Damon, heads to college nearby with Caroline as her roommate. Plus, a terrifying appearance by Silas (PAUL WESLEY).

What are the best Vampire Diaries to watch?

The Vampire Diaries. 1 1. Pilot. 42m. Reeling from the death of her parents, 17-year-old Elena becomes interested in a handsome new student named Stefan, who’s hiding a dark 2 2. The Night of the Comet. 3 3. Friday Night Bites. 4 4. Family Ties. 5 5. You’re Undead to Me.