What is 50 DKP minus?

What is 50 DKP minus?

Top definition. 50 dkp minus. What you say when someone fucks up a raid in World of Warcraft. To get the entire effect, you have to add a few “fucks” and “shits”. Also, DKP is a commonly used system to distribute gear in higher end raids. (depending on the system, 50 dkp vary in actual value)

What is 5050 DKP minus / Onyxia wipe?

50 DKP Minus / Onyxia Wipe refers to a series of remix videos based on audio from a disasterous World of Warcraft raid, similar to the Leroy Jenkins.

How does dkdkp work?

DKP records always end with a zero total point balance. The person that balance. The player with the highest points balance receives the item number or it will take them to a negative value. need even if they do not have points, instead of disenchanting them. assigned a value of 10 points.

Is DKP worth it in D&D?

If you are a casual player and do not raid, DKP does very little for you. dungeon. Most players feel that a completely random roll for loot is not fair since one player may consistently win or lose the roll. A more raids. The acronym DKP stands for Dragon Kill Points.