What is 9GAG used for?

What is 9GAG used for?

9Gag is an image-commentary sharing site (for memes and more) that’s super hot with gamers, manga enthusiasts, cosplayers, and young people in general across the world. According to the developer: “9Gag is your best source of happiness.

Is there a NSFW section on 9GAG?

How do I view sensitive content or NSFW sections on 9GAG iOS app? In order to comply with App Store content policy, some sections such as Girl, Guy, NSFW and Dark Humor are filtered from the iOS app by default. To view them, enable Show Sensitive Content in settings. Go to settings on our website.

How many 9GAG users are there?

150 million
We have 150 million monthly active users, but a lot of these users are not in China. Most of our users are from the U.S. and Germany.

How popular is 9GAG?

Today, 9GAG is one of the most popular platforms on the internet, drawing 150 million users a month, according to Chan. Its Facebook page has 39 million likes, and its Instagram account has 44.5 million followers.

How many people use 9GAG daily?

Whatever the figures, their main source of revenue comes from ads thanks to their high number of daily visitors estimated to be between 12-18 million per day.

What are 9gaggers?

9GAG is a Hong Kong-based online platform and social media website, which allows its users to upload and share user-generated content or other content from external social media websites.

Why is it called 9GAG?

In a 2012 interview, its CEO Ray Chan declined to explain the origins of the name “9GAG”. Starting the company under a “Just for Fun” mentality, 9GAG’s co-founders began using 9GAG as a résumé-builder for the 500 Startups accelerator program.

How do I view NSFW posts?

On Android

  1. Visit your Settings and scroll down to View Options.
  2. Toggle Show NSFW Content (I’m over 18) to on.

What is the most liked post on 9GAG?

Which is the most upvoted post on 9GAG? Highway to Hell was the most upvoted post in the world is a sign with a reference to AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.

Is 9GAG owned by Facebook?

Since the platform for collections of Internet memes was launched on April 11, 2008, it has grown in popularity across social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram….9GAG.

Type of business Private
Headquarters Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong Mountain View, California, U.S.
Country of origin China
Area served Worldwide

What is is9gag?

Active. 9GAG is an online platform and social media website based in Hong Kong, which allows its users to upload and share user-generated content or other content from external social media websites.

What kind of content does 9GAG provide to users?

Except for User Content (defined in Section 5.1), the content that 9GAG provides to Users on or through the Service, including, without limitation, any sound recordings (and the musical works embodied therein), audiovisual works (and the sound recordings and musical works embodied therein), text, graphics, photos,…

What is the 9GAG Eula?

1.1 Description. 9GAG is an online platform and social media website that allows users to upload and share user-generated content. It is a leading platform for entertainment content with millions of daily visitors. As used in this EULA, “ User ” means any user of the Service. 1.2 Eligibility .

Where is 9GAG located?

This funding was able to support 9GAG’s engineering team growth both in Hong Kong and in Silicon Valley. 9GAG is headquartered in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong with offices in Mountain View, California.

How discriminatory is 9GAG?

In his 2014 article “Building Identity and Building Bridges Between Cultures: The Case of 9gag”, the linguist Albin Wagener examined 446 posts found on 9GAG’s main page; of these, 40 (8.97%) were clearly discriminatory. Most of the discriminatory posts were misogynist (57.5%), followed by cultural discrimination (25%) and homophobia (12.5%).