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What is a Glock 25?

What is a Glock 25?

The Glock 25 was introduced in Germany in 1995. It is a semi-automatic handgun created for South American civilians for defense because they could not legally carry military caliber weapons. This gun is chambered with a .380 caliber bullet, making it legal to use in South America and, ironically, illegal to import to civilians in the United States.

Can I import a Glock 25 into the United States?

You have a few options, you could choose a Glock that is very similar yet meets the criteria for importation. You can go on the search for a Glock 25 that is already imported into the United States. Or you could see about factory modifications from Glock in Georgia, this can be expensive and likely not worth your penny.

Why are there no more Glock 27s?

The thing is, there are not many, because the gun is just not in high demand. Law enforcement officers and military officials will go for the Glock 26, 27, or 33 because they are so similar, or they prefer the caliber, and no hoops have to be jumped through to obtain these guns.

How much does a Gen 5 9mm Glock cost?

Glock 34 MOS Gen 5 9mm Full-Size Pistol with Front Serrations (10-Round Model) $851.00 $849.99. In Stock. Brand: Glock. Item Number: PA343S101MOS.

How much does a Glock 17 19 26 34 cost?

Elite Tactical System Glock 17/19/26/34 9mm Luger 17-Round Magazine- Blue Transl… Regular Price: $17.99 Special Price $16.50 Elite Tactical System Glock 17/19/26/34 9mm Luger 27-Round Magazine- Translucent… Regular Price: $20.99

What is a Glock 21 MagEx extension kit?

These MagEx extension kits are made by Kriss USA and designed for use with factory Glock 21 magazines—giving you 17 extra rounds of hard-hitting .45 ACP as fast as you can squeeze the trigger.

How much does a 30 round Glock cost?

Elite Tactical Systems Glock 21/30/41 .45 Auto 30-Round Extended Magazine- Trans… Regular Price: $21.99 Special Price $19.99 Elite Tactical Systems Glock 22/23/24/27/35 .40 S&W 19-Round Magazine- Trans… Regular Price: $20.99 Special Price $18.99