What is a Kerstrans?

What is a Kerstrans?

Typical Dutch Christmas Food The Kerstkrans is in fact a flaky puff pastry which contains almond paste (or amandelspijs). They are also available in a straight shape and are known then as a banketstaaf.

What do the Dutch eat at Christmas?

Dutch Christmas dinners usually consist of venison, goose, hare, or turkey with plenty of vegetables and Kerstbrood (Christmas bread). The Dutch also celebrate by eating gourmetten, a hot plate on which diners place a set of mini pans containing their choice of meat or vegetables.

What is the tradition of Christmas cookies?

Today’s Christmas cookies need no such ripening or storage—they are frequently gifted, exchanged, and greedily consumed all during the holiday season—but the tradition of cookies at Christmas probably relates to that time when cookies were stored so they’d be on hand for guests.

Did the Dutch introduced Christmas cookies to the United States?

The earliest examples of Christmas cookies in the United States were brought by the Dutch in the early 17th century. Due to a wide range of cheap imported products from Germany between 1871 and 1906 following a change to importation laws, cookie cutters became available in American markets.

Why are Dutch letters shaped like an S?

The S shape represents the first letter of the holiday Sinterklaasavond, or Saint Nicholas’ Eve, celebrated on December 5th in the Netherlands. Letters became associated with Sinterklaas in the 19th century when a sheet was used to wrap holiday presents.

What do the Dutch drink at Christmas?

At the start of the Christmas season Dutch pubs begin to sell a delicious type of mulled wine called glühwein. This warming drink is significantly more peppery than other European variants and contains traditional Dutch spices like anise, nutmeg and cinnamon.

What is a Christmas cookie party?

A Christmas cookie exchange is a holiday season get-together, sometimes called a “cookie swap.” Each guest brings a different type of homemade cookies to swap with each other. Cookie exchanges can be as simple or as elaborate as you like and can include games, activities, and socializing.

What does Pella mean in Dutch?

“City of Refuge
It’s a community with classic Dutch charm and character. Pella was founded by 700 men and women under the leadership of Dominie Hendrick Pieter Scholte. Pella means “City of Refuge” and these people in search of a new home and religious freedom immigrated to American, arriving in Iowa in 1847.

How do you decorate for Christmas in the Netherlands?

Another custom is to place an Advent wreath in the living room with four red or yellow candles. The first candle is lit on Advent Sunday and an additional candle is lit each following Sunday. Many people will also display a nativity scene with their Dutch Christmas decorations.

What do the Dutch do for Christmas?

Research has shown that people thought spending time with Dutch family was the most important part of Christmas in the Netherlands, followed by eating good food and attending church. In early November families also await the start of the annual Sinterklaasjournal children’s program.

What to eat in the Netherlands during Christmas?

Today there are still some sweet treats and cookies that are only eaten during the festive season, including kruidnoten (ginger nuts), advocaat (egg-yolk liquer) and bischopswijn (Dutch mulled wine), although the spiced biscuit speculaas tends to eaten year-round these days.

How do you say Merry Christmas in Dutch?

As they say Merry Christmas in Dutch, Vrolijk Kerstfeest! An early start to Dutch Christmas: Two Santas? The Dutch Christmas festive season officially starts with the arrival of Sinterklaas and his legion of Zwarte Piet helpers in mid-November.