What is a long synopsis?

What is a long synopsis?

The long synopsis is a collaborative effort between you and your agent. There was a time when this was called a chapter-by-chapter outline and some publishers still ask for that. Most publishers, however, have moved on to the narrative synopsis, or long synopsis.

What does synopsis mean example?

The definition of synopsis is a brief summary or a condensed version. An example of a synopsis is the description of a book on the back of the cover. (Orthodoxy) A prayer book for use by the laity of the church.

What’s the difference between synopsis and summary?

Synopsis is more or less the same as a summary as it has been defined in various dictionaries as an outline, condensation, or even summary of the main points of a work, book or an article. Synopsis is short, but longer than summary and in some cases, it is deliberately kept 25-30 pages long.

How long is a long synopsis?

A good synopsis is single-spaced and typed, with a word count between 500 and 700 words. State the category. Even if you feel your work transcends categorization, or features a lot of plot twists, clearly stating the closest category will help a literary agent envision how to market and sell the book.

How long is a short synopsis?

A short synopsis is usually around 500 words long.

What is synopsis of a project?

Synopsis is the gist of your planned project submitted for approval from competent authorities. It gives a panoramic view of your research for quick analysis by the reviewers. Thus, a protocol or a synopsis forms an integral part of a research project or a thesis.

What is shorter than a summary?

It can be the same length as the original, or even longer. A paraphrase is definitely shorter than a summary.

Is the Friar more corrupt than the monk?

In what ways is the Friar corrupt? Is the Friar more corrupt than the Monk? He uses his position to gain money; he does not associate with the poor or unfortunate members of society. Though both are corrupt, the “wanton” Friar’s past and his abuse of power are particularly loathsome.

What is an epilogue at the end of a book?

In fiction writing, an epilogue is a literary device that functions as a supplemental, but separate, part of the main story. It is often used to reveal the fates of the characters in a story and wrap up any loose ends.

What is the meaning of synopsis in English?

Definition of synopsis. 1 : a condensed statement or outline (as of a narrative or treatise) : abstract.

What is the meaning of the word farthest?

furthest, farthest(adverb) to the greatest degree or extent or most advanced stage (`furthest’ is used more often than `farthest’ in this abstract sense) “went the furthest of all the children in her education”; “furthest removed from reality”; “she goes farthest in helping us”.

What is the Synoptic summary?

syn•op•sis. (sɪˈnɒp sɪs) n., pl. -ses (-sēz). 1. a brief or condensed statement giving a general view of some subject. 2. a compendium of heads or short paragraphs giving a view of the whole. 3. a brief summary of the plot of a novel, motion picture, play, etc.

What is the meaning of Sunopsis?

A brief outline or general view, as of a subject or written work; an abstract or a summary. [Late Latin, from Greek sunopsis, general view: sun-, syn-+ opsis, view; see okw-in Indo-European roots.]