Common questions

What is a water meter horn?

What is a water meter horn?

The meter horn holds the water meter in place and is part of your plumbing system. It may begin to leak due to age or plumbing work that has been done in the area of the water meter. Tightening the coupler at the top and bottom of the meter horn will usually fix the leak.

How does a meter setter work?

A journey-level Electric Meter Setter is primarily responsible for installing electric meters and accessories, however, employees in this class may also perform related electrical work such as running conduit and making service connections to complete an assignment; they may also instruct new employees in meter setting …

How does a meter yoke work?

Every Ford Yoke setting requires an expansion connection . Screwed onto one end of a meter, it expands by turning the handwheel to make compression joints dependably and permanently water-tight against the fixed rubber gaskets in yoke ends . When the connection is retracted, the meter is released and can be removed .

What size fittings are on a water meter?

3/4″ Water Meter (standard) The threads are 3/4″ AWWA meter threads, the same size as for a 5/8″ x 3/4″ meter. These use 3/4″ meter couplings and gaskets.

Can water meter be installed vertically?

Not to be mounted vertically. Never put the meter upside down or canted on its side as it will not function correctly. 2/ Water meters should always be fitted with a minimum of 10x pipe diameter both up and downstream.

Are water meters directional?

Check the water meter for the proper direction of flow. The meter will have some kind of flow direction indicator located on the top or sides of the meter.

What is a copper meter setter?

These setters are designed to speed installation and removal of meters, and to absorb service line stresses. The combination of styles, sizes and options allows Mueller copper meter setters to meet requirements for use in a wide variety of applications. All service brass will comply with AWWA C-800.

What kind of meter setters does Mueller make?

Mueller Co. offers a full range of meter setting products including cast iron meter yokes, cast iron meter boxes, angle meter valves, straight meter valves, meter couplings, meter boxes, and copper meter setters (e.g. yokes). Mueller® copper meter setters are available in a wide variety of styles and in sizes to fit 5/8-inch through 2-inch meters.

What is the size of each type of flanged meter?

2= 5/8″x 3/4″ meter 3= 3/4″ meter 4= 1″ meter 6= 1-1/2″ flanged meter 7= 2″ flanged meter Inlet Outlet Service line connection type 1= Double Purpose Union Swivel (FIP for 1-1/2″ & 2″ Coppersetters)

Where can I find product information for the Ford Meter Box?

Refer to the Ford Meter Box website ( for additional and most recent instructions and product information. Due to design improvements, product images in the catalog do not always reflect the most current design detail .