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What is an Astatic microphone?

What is an Astatic microphone?

The Name in Professional CB Microphones For over 60 years Astatic has been the trusted source for CB microphones, cables and antennas. Astatic products deliver durability and high quality, noise-canceling technology developed from years of proven experience in over the road communication.

Who makes Astatic microphone?

DAS Companies
Astatic Corporation

Founded 1933
Headquarters Solon, Ohio, United States
Products Pro audio, microphones, sound equipment
Owner DAS Companies, Omnitronics

Are Astatic mics good?

This is an excellent mic. It pegs my needle on SSB 12 Watt PEP output, and swings the needle on AM 19 also (just talk loud on AM and hold it close). Sturdy construction, good fit to the hand, and no battery required.

Where can I find parts for the astatic D-104?

Here at Survival Radio. We are carrying on the Legacy of the Astatic D-104. We offer Refurbished Astatic D-104 T-UG8 and T-UG9 Microphones, Parts and Service. We also offer parts for the T-UP9. We also carry a variety of technical manuals. Some are available in paper form, others on CD / DVD form.

What is a D-104 microphone used for?

They have exceptional audio quality in communications due to their high-frequency response. This response is due to the crystal microphone element. The D-104 is a desktop, or lollipop, microphone used for ham radio communication or amateur radio hobbyists, but there are also Astatic CB type microphones as well.

Can astatic microphones be repaired?

Yes, aside from an assortment of Astatic microphone styles, you also find any part you need to repair your current Astatic microphone. Though most are in working condition, you can find some that have not been tested. These can be purchased and used for parts to repair a unit you already own.

Why choose an astatic CB microphone?

Astatic has set the industry standard for clear, professional CB microphones. The dynamic capabilities of the Astatic 636L are unbeatable for handheld CB, 10-Meter, HAM, and SSB applications for radio communication. Try an Astatic CB microphone today! We offer custom color options and Astatic microphone parts.