What is an example of a prepositional phrase?

What is an example of a prepositional phrase?

It consists of a preposition (“on”) and a noun (“time”). Here’s another example of a prepositional phrase at work: Mark is going out with that beautiful woman. In this example, the prepositional phrase is “with that beautiful woman.” The preposition is “with,” while the object it affects is “woman.”

What is an expanded sentence examples?

Example. The cat jumped and pounced. The cat jumped off the stove and pounced on the gerbil. There are countless ways to expand each sentence.

What is a prepositional phrase 5th grade?

A prepositional phrase is the group of words that starts with the preposition and ends with the object of the preposition. I will call you after dinner. We walked across the wet grass. Most prepositions tell about time, place, or movement, but some do not.

How do you find a prepositional phrase?

Recognize a prepositional phrase when you find one. At the minimum, a prepositional phrase will begin with a preposition and end with a noun, pronoun, gerund, or clause, the “object” of the preposition. The object of the preposition will often have one or more modifiers to describe it. At = preposition; home = noun.

How do you know which prepositional phrase modifies?

An adjective prepositional phrase will come right after the noun or pronoun that it modifies. If there are two adjective prepositional phrases together, one will follow the other. A prepositional phrase may be used as an adverb. They tell how (manner), when (time), where (place), how much (degree), and why (cause).

How do you extend a sentence?

One way to extend a sentence is to combine thoughts of equal significance using a coordinating conjunction, such as and, but, or, nor or yet. Consider the following example: “Joan went to Victoria College.

How do you expand a simple sentence?

Below are a few simple steps teachers can take to incorporate sentence expanding into their writing instruction.

  1. Step 1: Identify What is Included in a Simple Sentence.
  2. Step 2: Expand the Sentence.
  3. Step 3: Practice Writing Expanded Sentences.

What is a prepositional phrase 7th grade?

A prepositional phrase is a phrase that begins with a preposition, ends with the object of the preposition, and includes all of the object’s modifiers in between. The preposition from connects the object geyser to the rest of the sentence.

What is a prepositional phrase in English grammar?

What Is a Prepositional Phrase? A prepositional phrase is a part of a sentence that consists of one preposition and the object it affects. The object of a prepositional phrase can be either a noun, gerund, or clause. Here’s an example of a prepositional phrase (in italics):

What are the minimum requirements for forming a prepositional phrase?

Just like bread and cheese are the minimum ingredients for making a cheese sandwich, a preposition and the object of a preposition are the minimum requirements for forming a prepositional phrase. The object of a preposition is the name for the noun or pronoun following the preposition. Prepositional phrases don’t…

Do you overuse prepositions and prepositional phrases?

It is tempting to overuse prepositions and prepositional phrases. If you see more than one preposition for every ten or fifteen words in your writing, you should edit some of them out. You may be surprised at how much more elegant and economical your writing is when you make the effort to do this.

How many prepositions are there in the English language?

While there are only about 150 prepositions in the English language, there are thousands of other words that can make their way into prepositional phrases. Learn to create a colorful prepositional phrase, and your writing will be wonderfully appealing.