What is CPI XI Adapter?

What is CPI XI Adapter?

Connectivity from SAP ABAP Systems to SAP CPI via ABAP Proxy can be done via XI adapter (XI runtime: SXMB_ADM) or SOAP adapter (WS Runtime: SOAMANAGER). In case of XI adapter, we usually have to create a sender id for the outbound proxy in SXMB_ADM and create an iFlow-specific RFC Destination…

How to start communication channel in SAP PI?

Start SAP NetWeaver Administrator at http://:/nwa .

  1. Choose Monitoring Communication Channel Monitoring .
  2. Select Advanced and in the Direction field select Sender .
  3. In the list of communication channels, select all and choose Stop .

What is a sender communication channel?

In the basic communication process, a sender puts a message in words and transmits it to a receiver who interprets the message. The medium the sender chooses to transmit the message is called the communication channel.

What is RFC Adapter in SAP PI?

The RFC adapter enables you to use the functions of the Integration Engine or AEX in existing SAP system landscapes. The adapter is used by SAP systems to connect to the Integration Engine or the AEX by using the RFC interface. It supports SAP systems as of version 3.1x.

What is proxy adapter in SAP PI?

Proxies are executable interfaces that are generated for the target application language like ABAP/JAVA. Proxy model represents a new programming paradigm for SAP systems, and is important element of Enterprise Services Architecture.

What is communication channel in SAP PI?

The communication channel is where you configure adapters in particular. Depending on the direction of message processing, you require either a sender or a receiver channel. You can create a communication channel as follows: Call the create dialog for configuration objects directly.

What is ICO in SAP PI?

ICO (Integrated Configuration Object) Sometimes, you have to make a simple test for a service or an interface. You might want to create certain scenarios quickly, to make sure that a File Adapter works, or to move a file from one system to the other.

What is an RFC connection in SAP?

Remote Function Call (RFC) is the standard SAP interface for communication between SAP systems. RFC calls a function to be executed in a remote system. This type of RFC executes the function call based on synchronous communication , meaning that the systems involved must both be available at the time the call is made.

What is the full form of RFC?

A Request for Comments (RFC) is a formal document from the Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF ) that is the result of committee drafting and subsequent review by interested parties. Some RFCs are informational in nature.

What is the difference between the XI sender adapter and receiver adapter?

Whereas the XI sender adapter can be used to receive messages via the XI 3.0 protocol, the XI receiver adapter can be used to send out messages using the XI 3.0 protocol. In this blog, I focus on the XI receiver adapter and will create a sample scenario for the XI receiver adapter.

How to send a message via the XI protocol in cloud integration?

To send a message via the XI 3.0 protocol in Cloud Integration you need to configure an integration flow with an XI receiver adapter and you need to configure the receiver backend to receive the message. The first step is to configure the receiver backend to receive a message via the XI 3.0 protocol.

What is the XI adapter in SAP NetWeaver?

In most cases, the broker is an SAP Netweaver PI (Process Integration) or PO (Process Orchestration) system. Now, with the new XI adapter, customers can also connect their on-premise backends to SAP Cloud Integration using the XI 3.0 protocol.

How to remove a module from a soap Axis communication channel?

First create a template and add the entries as shown in the screenshot below. Then on the module configuration make sure you insert the following values for the “remover” module key. Save and activate the template and apply it to your receiver SOAP Axis Communication Channel at configuration time.