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What is CV in Azur lane?

What is CV in Azur lane?

CV – Fleet Aircraft Carrier.

What is the next event in Azur lane?

Event CalendarEventDurationBest Wishes to Azur LaneNov 07 2019 – Dec 27 2019Divergent Chessboard RerunOct 31 2019 – Nov 13 2019Trick or Treat Halloween Night!Oct 23 2019 – Nov 07 2019Mascot BuckyOct 17 2019 – Nov

Is Azur lane better than Kancolle?

Much of the tedious micromanagement in Kancolle is also streamlined in Azur Lane. Overall, Azur Lane can be enjoyed without incurring a lot of stress. Some players even commented that the gacha rate is more generous than most other mobile games as the rate for the highest rarity is set at 7%.

What is Azur lane?

Other than the Normal ammo type, there are two specialty ammo types: AP (or Armor-Piercing) and H-Explosive (HE, or High-Explosive). Each shell type has a distinct color, with Normal being yellow, AP being blue, and HE being red.

Are there guys in Azur lane?

There is nothing in game supporting this. Well, in English, the ship’s namesake’s gender is not attributed to the ship itself. Many ships are named after men, but still referred to as female. Thanks for all of the replies!

Is Yostar safe?

Security And Storage of Information Yostar cares about the security of your information. As such, we’ll use commercially reasonable physical, administrative, and technological safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of all information which we collect and that we share with our service providers.

Is Yostar a Chinese company?

About usIntroduction. Founded in 2014, Yostar Games is an internet game company that specializes in the development, global distribution, investment and IP management of online games. Yostar Games is situated in Tokyo and Shanghai. We are the top publisher, developer and investor of ACG in China.

Is there romance in Azur lane?

During gameplay, players are able to take part in scenarios as the girls interact with each other. Since this game takes place in an alternate universe, players can enjoy new story dialogue between characters, even if they’ve played the mobile game.

Is Azur lane a Gacha?

Pretty sure most people what gacha games are. Azur Lane is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up video game that turns warships into waifus a.k.a using female moe anthropomorphic characters based on World War 2 ships.

Is Azur Lane anime good?

The story is actually not bad, it is quite exciting and I actually enjoyed it. Needless to say, the art is Azur lane’s strongest point, the sceneries are very HD and character designs are the most beautiful thing I ever seen. The anime is almost flawless.

Is Azur Lane popular?

First launched in China in May and in Japan in September 2017, Azur Lane quickly became very popular, especially in Japan where the player count reached five million within four months after its release. Players have voted the game among the top five on Google Play’s Best Game of 2017 list for the region.

Is Arknights any good?

On Google Play, Arknights Android has a quite high 4.5-star score from around 40k votes currently, with overly positive feedback, over 1 million installs, and many satisfied fans of the tower defense genre. The situation is the same on the iTunes App Store.

Why is Arknight so popular?

Arknights is not so much a rich and excellent game as a game that caters well to the needs of the market. However, in China, Arknights is indeed a rare creation, which is an important reason for its instant popularity. Because in China, it is both difficult and easy to create a successful game.

Is Arknights pay to win?

Gacha games are identic with pay-to-win because you need to put a lot of money so you can get the strongest characters. FOrtunately, Arknights is not that kind of game, you can complete the story mode with three or four-stars operators only. You don’t even need to use six-stars operators to finish the hard stage.

Is there PVP in Arknights?

There are no PVP/GVG content in this game so far. Arknights is a Story driven game and it’s played on your own. Please take note though that this may be subject to change in the future. The only content that involves other players are adding Friends and recruiting their support units.

How f2p friendly is Arknights?

Compared to other mobile games, Arknights features a Gacha system that is reasonably F2P-friendly. Given that banners rotate roughly once every two weeks, this gives F2P players the opportunity to obtain at least two high-tier characters per month.

Is Epic seven f2p friendly?

Connection Heroes are reliably available to every player, and thus even the playing field for F2P Players.

Is Arknights free to play?

Arknights is a free-to-play 2D fantasy strategy game available on iOS and Android platforms. On top of combat, the game also features a robust base building system that allows Operators to generate materials and build up your squad passively.

Is Arknights a grindy?

Arknights is such a turn off especially when at early level you are required to grind for resources to level up your heroes. Have fun spending your time for grinding chips and huge amount of resources required for promotion.

Is Arknights hard?

First, it’s gameplay might be difficult for some players. Everything that happens in Arknights is fast-paced and will require a lot of quick thinking and attention. It’s not recommended for players who are just looking for something to pass the time. Moreover, your playtime is dependent on the resources that you have.