What is default password for AXIS Camera?

What is default password for AXIS Camera?

Axis: Traditionally root/pass, new Axis cameras require password creation during first login (note that root/pass may be used for ONVIF access, but logging into the camera requires root password creation) Basler: admin/admin.

What is the default IP for AXIS Camera?
The default IP address for the Axis cameras and video encoders is 192.168. 0.90.

How do I log into my axis camera?

It is recommended to use the Setup Axis Camera Tool to configure the Axis Camera. If you need to configure the camera manually, connect the camera directly to the computer, configure your computer to have a static IP of 192.168. 0.5 , then open a web browser and enter 192.168. 0.90 in the address bar and press enter.

How do I reset my AXIS m3046 V?

Reset to factory default settings Go to Settings > System > Maintenance and click Default.

How do I reset my axis camera to default settings?

To perform a factory reset, do the following:

  1. Power down the camera.
  2. Hold down the control button, and with the button held down connect the power.
  3. Keep the CTRL button held down until the LEDs on the front of the camera displays amber (this could take up to 15 seconds).

How do I factory reset my axis camera?

Axis Factory Reset

  1. Disconnect the camera from the power supply and ethernet.
  2. Remove the four screws securing the rear cover and remove it.
  3. Keep the Control button pressed while you restore the power supply.
  4. Hold down the button for about 15 seconds until the status LED is yellow flashing.
  5. Release the Control Button.

What is the default IP address for the Axis M10 series?

Page 10 AXIS M10 Series. Assign an IP address. Most networks today have a DHCP server that automatically assigns IP addresses to connected devices. If your network does not have a DHCP server, the Network Camera will use as the default IP address.

What is the default password for the Axis IP camera?

To access the Axis IP camera (or other devices), you must set the password for the default administrator user root. This is done in the Configure Root Passworddialog, which opens when the product is accessed for the first time. In other words, the new Axis cameras don’t have a default password, you need to create one.

What are the features of the Axis m1054 network camera?

•Megapixel Resolution (AXIS M1054) The AXIS M1054 Network Camera offers superior image quality in megapixel resolution with progressive scan, providing crisp and clear images of both illuminated and dark areas. •PoE (Power over Ethernet) (AXIS M1054)

What is the default password for axaxis?

Axis Default Password 1 username: root and password: pass (most commonly used password) 2 username: root and password: root More