What is difference between anemia and thalassemia minor?

What is difference between anemia and thalassemia minor?

A salient distinction is that bone marrow hemosiderin is present in normal amount in patients with thalassemia minor, but not in those with iron deficiency anemia. If therapy with iron does not restore hemoglobin values to normal, thalassemia minor is strongly suspect.

Is thalassemia minor a type of anemia?

Persons with thalassemia minor have (at most) mild anemia (slight lowering of the hemoglobin level in the blood). This situation can very closely resemble that with mild iron-deficiency anemia. However, persons with thalassemia minor have a normal blood iron level (unless they are iron deficient for other reasons).

Is thalassemia same as anemia?

Thalassemia (thal-uh-SEE-me-uh) is an inherited blood disorder that causes your body to have less hemoglobin than normal. Hemoglobin enables red blood cells to carry oxygen. Thalassemia can cause anemia, leaving you fatigued.

Can you have thalassemia minor and iron deficiency?

29.67% females and 3.38% males are found to be iron deficient. Thus we can conclude that iron deficiency is one of the common co-existing conditions in β thalassemia minors.

Is thalassemia minor serious?

Thalassemia minor is a less serious form of the disorder. There are two main forms of thalassemia that are more serious. In alpha thalassemia, at least one of the alpha globin genes has a mutation or abnormality. In beta thalassemia, the beta globin genes are affected.

Is beta thalassemia the same as thalassemia minor?

Beta thalassemia trait is inherited from one’s parents, like hair or eye color. Normally, beta thalassemia trait does not cause any health problems. Beta thalassemia trait is also known as beta thalassemia minor.

Does thalassemia cause anemia?

People with thalassemia may have mild or severe anemia. Severe anemia can damage organs and lead to death.

Is iron low in thalassemia?

Distinguishing Iron Deficiency Anemia From Thalassemia Trait The first difference is in the red blood cell count (labeled RBC). In iron deficiency, this value is low because the bone marrow is unable to manufacture red blood cells. In thalassemia trait, RBC is normal to elevated.

What should be avoided in thalassemia minor?

Foods to Avoid

  • oysters.
  • liver.
  • pork.
  • beans.
  • beef.
  • peanut butter.
  • tofu.

Can thalassemia cause hair loss?

Skin and hair may receive less oxygen from the blood during iron deficiency, causing them to become dry and damaged. In more severe cases, this may lead to hair loss.

What is the difference between thalassemia minor and major?

• Thalassemia major patient is dependent on regular blood transfusion throughout life where as thalassemia minor is a healthy person but with slightly lower hemoglobin level. • Thalassemia major is caused by mutation of both hemoglobin genes where as thalassemia minor is caused by mutation of one gene.

How to diagnose thalassemia minor?

If your doctor suspects your child has thalassemia, he or she may confirm a diagnosis using blood tests. If your child has thalassemia, blood tests may reveal: A low level of red blood cells. Smaller than expected red blood cells. Pale red blood cells. Red blood cells that are varied in size and shape.

What are the symptoms of thalassemia minor?

bone deformities,especially in the face

  • dark urine
  • delayed growth and development
  • excessive tiredness and fatigue
  • yellow or pale skin