Common questions

What is ISC 1161?

What is ISC 1161?

IS 1161 : 1998 Indian Standard STEEL TUBES FOR STRUCTURAL PURPOSES – SPECIFICATION -(-Fourth Revision )

What is is1161 (1998)?

IS 1161 (1998): Steel Tubes for Structural Purposes [MTD 19: Steel Tubes, Pipes abd Fittings] IS1161:1998 STEEL TUBES FOR STRUCTURAL PURPOSES – SPECIFICATION ( Fourth Revision ) First Reprint NOVEMBER 1998 ICS 77.140.75 ; 91.220 Q BIS 1998

What is BS 6323?

BS 6323 : 1982 Steel tubes for-mechanical and general engineering purposes. British Standards Institution. This standard contains clauses 8.1 and X2.1 which call for agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer.

What is an ISO 1161/bs 3951 and Lloyds Register guidance note a?

Made in accordance with ISO 1161/BS 3951 and Lloyds Register Guidance Note A — Also available in Stainless Steel. Container corner fittings made to Independent Classification Society Approved Standards. Certification can be provided by: Lloyds Register of Shipping or Bureau Veritas. Manufactured from high-strength extruded aluminium.