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What is Jango internet radio?

What is Jango internet radio?

Free internet radio, just like Pandora only fewer ads and more variety. Listen to hundreds of genre stations or create your own with your favorite music. ▼Log In with Jango

Who is Jango in syrup village?

He was formerly the captain of the Black Cat Pirates and Captain Kuro ‘s first mate . Due to his actions, Jango can be considered the secondary antagonist of the Syrup Village Arc.

Is Jango in one piece 2nd movie?

Trivia Jango makes an appearance in a featurette during the 2nd One Piece film, entitled Jango’s Dance Carnival. In the fourth popularity poll, Jango received 18 votes, making him the 66th most popular character in One Piece. Jango, Bentham, and Franky all share the same Japanese voice actor, Kazuki Yao.

How do I create a custom station on Jango?

Just start by searching the name of your favorite artist or band, and Jango will create a custom station based on their music and that of similar artists. Or you can tune in to hundreds of expertly programmed genre stations like Top 100, Hot Country, Classic Rock & more…

Is Jango Fett in Star Wars age of Republic?

Jango is the protagonist of the Marvel Comics one-shot Star Wars: Age of Republic – Jango Fett (2019). In April 2014, most of the licensed Star Wars novels, comics, video games, and other works produced since the original 1977 film were rebranded by Lucasfilm as Star Wars Legends and declared non-canonical to the franchise going forward.

Is there a female Jango in the bad batch?

Jango is mentioned again in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, a CGI animated spin-off from the Clone Wars series. The episode “Bounty Lost” revealed that Omega, an enhanced female clone who joined Clone Force 99 after the rise of the Galactic Empire, it is revealed Omega is female Clone of Jango Fett.