What is Nokia phone security code?

What is Nokia phone security code?

The default security code is 12345 for most Nokia phones. If you enter an incorrect security code five times in succession, the phone ignores further entries of the code. Wait for five minutes and enter the code again.

What is the security code of Nokia 106?

Note: You can set the phone to ask for a security code. The pre-set code is 12345.

What is the security code of Nokia 150?

Note: The pre-set security code is 12345. To switch on the security code, select Menu > Settings > Security settings > Phone security , enter the code 12345 and select OK , and then select On .

What is the security code of Nokia 130?

The default lock code is 12345.

What is the security code for Nokia c1?

The lock (security) code protects your device from unauthorised use. The default code supplied with the device is 12345.

How can I reset my Nokia 130 without security code?

  1. Open Settings, and select System.
  2. Select Reset options.
  3. Select Erase all data (factory reset).
  4. Select Reset Phone or Reset Tablet at the bottom.
  5. You’ll be asked to confirm, select Erase Everything.
  6. Your device should reboot and may show a progress screen indicating that it is erasing the data.

What is my device pin?

To find this feature, first enter an incorrect pattern or PIN five times at the lock screen. You’ll see a “Forgot pattern,” “forgot PIN,” or “forgot password” button appear. Tap it. You’ll be prompted to enter the username and password of the Google account associated with your Android device.

What is the security code for Nokia?

Nokia Secret Codes 12345 is the default security code for your Nokia phone. *#06# has got to be the most common and the most standard on all Nokia phones. It reveals the phones serial or IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

What is Nokia security?

Every Nokia phone comes with default code 12345. If you care about security of your phone or personal information like contacts, photos or anything important that you put on your handset, this code can be essential.

What is a Nokia restriction code?

Nokia Restriction Codes are used to remove restrictions added to a Nokia phone by your original carrier so it will only work with their network. It is also known as an unlock code or an unlock password.