What is PHINMA Education?

What is PHINMA Education?

PHINMA Education is a mission-driven, for-profit institution that strives to make lives better by providing accessible and quality education to youth mostly from low-income families so they can empower themselves and their families to live a life that matters.

How many PHINMA schools are there?

six tertiary
Currently, PHINMA Education has six tertiary schools in the Philippines namely: Araullo University, Cagayan de Oro College, University of Pangasinan, University of Iloilo, Saint Jude College in Metro Manila and Southwestern University in Cebu. It also has a school in Indonesia and a training center in Myanmar.


PHINMA Energy Corporation is committed to promoting clean and responsible power generation and electricity supply, as well as empowering communities and nation building.

How many schools does PHINMA have in the entire Philippines *?

seven schools
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Who owns phinma?

Philippine Investment Management, Inc.Phinma Corporation / Parent organization

What are the sister schools of Phinma COC?

Sister schools

  • Araullo University, Cabanatuan.
  • University of Iloilo, Iloilo City.
  • University of Pangasinan, Dagupan.
  • Southwestern University, Cebu City.
  • Saint Jude College, Manila.

Who is the founder of Phinma?

On November 19, 1956, in an era of foreign dominance in Philippine industry and commerce, a group of Filipino industrialists decided to establish PHINMA. Its founders Ambassador Ramon V. Del Rosario Sr., Don Filemon C.

Who is the biggest stockholder of Phinma?

Abcic Property Holdings, Inc. Mariposa Properties, Inc. Philippine Remnants Co., Inc. PHINMA Corp….2020.

Name Title
Magdaleno Birondo Albarracin Director

Who is Ramon del Rosario Jr?

del Rosario Jr. , Filipino, 70, is Independent Director of Ayala Corporation since April 2010. He holds the following positions in publicly listed companies: President and CEO of Phinma Corporation; Chairman of Trans-Asia Petroleum Corporation; and Vice Chairman of Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corporation.

When was Pangasinan acquired by Phinma Education?

In 2009, the University of Pangasinan became a member of the PHINMA Education Network (PEN), an educational institution that aims to provide affordable quality education.

Who is the president of Southwestern University phinma?

Elsa A. SuraltaSouthwestern University PHINMA / President

Who is the owner of University of Pangasinan?

Francisco Benitez
University of Pangasinan

Pamantasan ng Pangasinan
Founders Francisco Benitez Apolinario de los Santos Sylvestre Pascual Blas Rayos
Affiliation PHINMA Education Network
President Meliton “Chito” Salazar
Students 12,000 estimated (2018)

What is PHINMA Education Network?

The PHINMA Education Network is now composed of six secondary and tertiary educational institutions spread throughout the country. 1 in 3 students have scholarships.

What is PHINMA’s mission?

As an innovative Philippine business institution, PHINMA believes that access to quality education is the solution to many of our country’s problems. While the enrollment rate in the Philippines has always been high, PHINMA discovered that most students do not finish tertiary education.

What is the PHINMA National Scholarship?

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, PHINMA launched The PHINMA National Scholarship (PNS) in 2006. In line with its mission of making lives better through education and nation-building, the program’s goal is to produce not just professionals but leaders for the next generation.

Is ipphinma listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange?

PHINMA Corporation is listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. As of March 31, 2021 the Company has 272,316,565 common shares outstanding held by 1,226 shareholders.