What is PrimeSense sensor?

What is PrimeSense sensor?

The Primesense 3D Depth Sensor is an end-to-end solution that enables devices to perceive the world in 3DD and to translate these perceptions into a synchronized image, in the same way that people do, thus harnessing the power of Natural Interaction.

When did Apple buy PrimeSense?

November 2013
In November 2013, Apple acquired an Israeli 3D-sensor company named PrimeSense for somewhere in between a reported 350,000,000 and 360,000,000 dollars. As Apple acquisitions go, that’s a biggie.

What is OpenNI2?

OpenNI2 is an open source software development kit for RGB-D sensor primarily developed by PrimeSense Inc. (acquired by Apple Inc. in 2013/11). OpenNI2 is still widely used in various RGB-D sensors even after end of development by PrimeSense Inc., because OpenNI2 can be used for commercial and works on cross platform.

What happened to OpenNI?

After the acquisition of PrimeSense by Apple, it was announced that the website OpenNI.org would be shut down on April 23, 2014. Immediately after the shutdown, organizations that used OpenNI subsequently preserved documentation and binaries for future use.

What is NiTE2?

NiTE2 is middleware based on OpenNI2 developed by PrimeSense Inc.. It has features such as human detection, posture estimation, hand tracking, and gesture detection. NiTE 2 is closed source and it has already been end of distributed. However, You can use NiTE2 that has already distributed.

What is OpenNI used for?

OpenNI or Open Natural Interaction is an industry-led non-profit organization and open source software project focused on certifying and improving interoperability of natural user interfaces and organic user interfaces for Natural Interaction (NI) devices, applications that use those devices and middleware that …

What is OpenNI camera?

The OpenNI module provides an interface to the Microsoft Kinect and Asus Xtion sensors. These sensors are remarkably useful for robotics and are great depth sensors at a reasonable price.

What is PrimeSense and how does it work?

PrimeSense’s technology had been originally applied to gaming but was later applied in other fields. PrimeSense was best known for licensing the hardware design and chip used in Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing system for the Xbox 360 in 2010.

Why did Apple buy PrimeSense?

PrimeSense technology can be an obvious asset in security, the battle for the living room and so much more. There is some speculation that Apple bought PrimeSense as a defensive move because of Kinect’s potential to become the Contextual Age’s household management platform.

What does the PrimeSense Carmine 3D camera sensor do?

OVERVIEWThis is the Primesense Carmine 1.09 Short-range 3D Camera Sensor for short-range scanning. You can scan faces, heads, and smaller objects. It can capture motion just like the Kinect scan…

What is primeprimesense for Xbox 360 Kinect?

PrimeSense devices allow the new Microsoft Kinect for XBox 360 to understand what is going on in the living room. Its sensors are so good they can actually see the heartbeat of game players, thus understanding how much a player is enjoying a game or not.