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What is R3 report in SSS?

What is R3 report in SSS?

The SSS R-3 is a report that contains the contribution details of current members/employees and is submitted monthly by the company. The current employees already have their respective SSS enrollments set up. At least one payroll has been generated within the start date of the employee and the cut-off period.

How do I submit R3 to SSS?

From the Web

  1. At the SSS home page, click on the R3 Page icon.
  2. Click on the “R3 File Generator” link and save the file, R3FGComp_, into a dedicated folder in your computer. Rename the folder. (
  3. Double click on the R3FGComp_ and uncompress the file in the same folder.
  4. Proceed to Installing the R3 File Generator.

How do I report an SSS R3 online?

Upload and Submit R3 Collection List Online

  1. Fill in the information required – Receipt Date, Receipt Number, amount paid and then upload the SSS Text File you saved in your computer from the R3 Project File Generation.
  2. Check the details you have entered and make sure they are accurate to avoid errors in uploading.

What is R3 and R5 in SSS?

SSS Form R5 – Employer Contributions Payment Return: This form is submitted monthly together with the SSS form R3 (see form #2 below). It looks like a bank deposit slip where you will need to write all the information like the following: Form of Payment (If cash or check) Total Amount of Payment.

How can I download SSS LCL?

SSS account, where they must also submit an electronic-Loan Collection List (e-LCL). They may download the e-LCL from their My. SSS accounts for offline editing and afterward upload/submit the updated e-LCL also through their My. SSS.

How can I update my SSS employee list?

If you wish to add a New Employee in your Collection List, click the Add Record button and you will be redirected to a new screen. Type the SS Number of the Employee and the corresponding name from the SSS Database will automatically be displayed in the name field.

What is SBR SSS?

Payment Return” (Form R-5) with Special Bank Receipt (SBR) together with the corresponding “Contribution.

What is LCL in SSS?

From SSS: Employer must present the loan transaction receipt (SSS ML2 Payment Form) and corresponding Loans Collection List (LCL), with employee name, as proof of payment. Otherwise, the loan will continue to incur interest and penalties.

How do you upload LCL?

  1. SSS LCL guide. A. Extract SSS Billing LCL.
  2. Select download folder and click save. B. Open LCL Converter file. Fill in Source Folder (B4) and Source Filename (B5). And Click Upload File.
  3. C. Upload the file in eGov. In eGov, select Payments > New Payments. Click File > Browse. Select the generated LCL Payment file.

How can I register my new employee in SSS online?

New Employee Registration with SSS Alternatively, they may apply for a Social Security number online via the SSS website. Get the SSS number, birth date, employment date, monthly salary, and job title of your new hires. Then fill out the SSS Form R1A using the details you collected.

How to submit R-3 form to SSS?

If SUBMITTING THROUGH THE POSTAL SERVICES OFFICE, mail this form with the R-5s and SBRs and prominently mark the envelope with “SSS Form R-3” addressed to the nearest SSS Office. IF SUBMITTING A PRE-PRINTED R-3, effect all the necessary correction/adjustment in the form (2 copies).

How to fill out an R-3 form for an employer?

TR/SBR NO. 1. IF SUBMITTING A REGULAR OR ADJUSTMENT R-3, Fill out in two (2) copies and indicate the type of employer by shading the applicable circle. Write the month and year of the applicable quarter ending March, June, September and December on the space provided. Check applicable box of adjustment. 2.

How to fill out the SSSR 3 form with SignNow?

SignNow’s web-based application is specially created to simplify the arrangement of workflow and improve the entire process of qualified document management. Use this step-by-step guideline to fill out the Sss r 3 form promptly and with ideal precision. To start the form, use the Fill & Sign Online button or tick the preview image of the form.

How do I write the SS number of my employees?

Write the correct 10-digit SS number of your employees to ensure that all contributions paid will be credited to them. 4. Write family names as they are pronounced. For instance, Juan DELA CRUZ, Jose DELOS SANTOS, Pedro DE GUIA should be written as DELA CRUZ, Juan; DELOS SANTOS, Jose; DE GUIA, Pedro.