Common questions

What is shahry?

What is shahry?

Shahry Me, a new app-managed plan, allows for complete personalisation of Shahry plans with the precise allocation of data and calling across family members and households.

How do I cancel my Ooredoo shahry plan?

Termination: To terminate your Mobile Internet Pack, SMS “Stop MIP” to 114. Need voice and text? We’ve got some great value deals with Shahry Smart.

How can I change my plan in Ooredoo shahry?

If you are an existing Shahry (postpaid) customer, you can easily upgrade your current plan by dialing *141*444#. The included minutes are to call any time of day and to any network in Oman.

How do I check my shahry balance?

How do I know the remaining minutes of my Shahry Packs? Create a new SMS message and type BAL SPE (for English) or BAL SPA (for Arabic) and send it to 114 free of charge. You will receive a reply SMS with the balance.

What is shahry plan?

Ooredoo has announced that its new customisable App-managed postpaid plan, Shahry Me, is proving to be a great success with customers. Customers will also be protected against bill shocks as dependent users will have to request extra allowances from the main account holder who will approve or reject such requests.

What is shahry saver key?

Ooredoo has announced the launch of the Shahry Saver Key, a new subscription service aimed at lowering the cost of international calls across the region and overseas for Shahry Smart customers. To subscribe to the Shahry Saver Key, Shahry customers should send “SSK” to 114. The key will automatically renew monthly.

What is Ooredoo shahry me?

Shahry Me service allows customer to add extra, secondary SIM cards to main Shahry Me plan. Adding secondary SIM cards will cost QR 110 per month (30 calendar days) – every secondary SIM card adds an additional 8GB of local data, 300 Local minutes/SMS and 30 International minutes to main Shahry Me plan.

Can I change Shahry to Hala?

If you’re an existing Ooredoo customer at the time of your subscription to Shahry Me, you can choose one of your existing Hala, Shahry or Qatarna numbers. After validating your identity, your selected number(s) will be migrated immediately.

Does Ooredoo have unlimited data?

Our Qatarna 5G plans come with unlimited local calls, unlimited data and roaming data. Plus best-in-class entertainment options like beIN Connect as a gift.

How can I check my data balance in Ooredoo Qatar?

For instant balance and validity enquiry press * 129 # . To check your bonus balance press * 129 * 2 # .

How do I change from Shahry to Hala?

Shahry Me Boosters

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Select “Change Plan”.
  3. Build your new plan.
  4. Tap “Save”.

How do I activate my Ooredoo International saver key?

To activate the International Saver Key, customers just needs to send “ISK” as an SMS to 121.