What is the best setting for 6011 welding rod?

What is the best setting for 6011 welding rod?

about 85 amps is a good place to start. Much colder and your puddle will not flatten out. Much hotter and you might struggle with arc blow toward the end of each rod. machines differ and some folks like to weld hotter, but 85 amps will get you in the ball park.

Is 6011 electrode positive or negative?

6011 runs on AC and direct current electrode positive (DCEP), while 6010 runs only on DCEP. This gives 6011 an advantage if you have an AC-only machine.

What welding rod should be used for light gauge welding?

The E6013 welding rod is the best to stick weld very thin mild steel and is known as a sheet metal rod. An E6013 has a flux covering with high amounts of rutile. Rutile creates the smoothest arc with light penetration that won’t burn through the workpiece as often as other rods.

Can you weld 6011 on DC?

While the 6011 was specifically designed for AC machines, it can also run on DC giving it an advantage over the 6010 electrodes (which can only do Direct Current Electrode Positive).

What are 6011 welding rods good?

The 6011 welding rod is useful for jobs that require deep penetration, no matter the position or welder setup. It is a solid all-around welding rod. Because it is an iron rod, it is useful for most kinds of iron and mild steel. You can handle just about anything with 6011 rods.

What size welding rod is best for thin metal?

If you have new 1/8-inch metal, you should go for 3/32-inch 7018 rods. In case the surface you work on is old and rusty, you might want to consider 1/8-Inch or 3/32 6011 rods. For thinner surfaces, you can try 1/16-inch electrodes.

What does 11 mean in E6011?

Here are some of the most common welding rods. E6010 – an all-position rod especially used in pipe welding, known for its tight arc. E6011 – all-position rod that is a preferred choice for maintenance work, or where metal is rusted and/or dirty.

Can I weld 6011 on DC?

What polarity do 6011 welding rods work with?

The 6011 rods, nevertheless, work well with any type of polarity. Moreover, the 6011 rods will work well with cracker boxes, DC-, or DC+. All you must do is adjust the settings of the welding machine to whatever setup you want to use the 6011 rods. Thus, you don’t need to worry about polarities when using 6011 rods.

Can You weld cast iron with 6011 rods?

CAN YOU WELD CAST IRON WITH 6011 RODS? The first choice for welding cast iron would be nickel alloy rods followed by cast iron covered rods and then steel rods. If you are in a pinch working on scrap metal, then you can use a 6011 although it is not the first choice for welding cast iron.

What do the numbers on the 6011 rods mean?

The last two numbers not only determine the flux coating on the electrode but also the type of current which can be used. The 6011 rods work with any polarity. You don’t have to stress about whether you have a cracker box, DC- or a fancier machine that can handle different polarities and AC frequencies, the 6011 will perform with all of these.

What is the tensile strength of a 6011 rod?

6011 WELDING ROD AMPERAGE & CHARACTERISTICS 6011 Tensile Strength 60000 PSI Position All Positions Polarity DCEP,DCEN, AC Arc Characteristics Violent