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What is the code for the locker in Silent Hill Downpour?

What is the code for the locker in Silent Hill Downpour?

The player can only use one code in a game. After entering a code, other lockers encountered will be opened and have the weapons in them again, including on a second or subsequent playthrough. Enter “171678” to unlock the nailgun and double headed axe. Enter “353479” to unlock the .

Is Silent Hill Downpour hard?

Difficulty. Not only do you get to choose the general difficulty for the game, but you also get to choose the difficulty level in regards to puzzle. There’s Easy, Normal, and Hard for both.

Where are all the paintings in Silent Hill Downpour?

The Sunrise painting can be found in the subway tunnel of Campbell St. The Despair painting can be found in the back room of the police station. The Wonder painting can be found in the Pearl Creek apartment building. The Certainty painting can be found inside of a locked area at the north end of Laymond Avenue.

What are the codes for Silent Hill Downpour?

Silent Hill Downpour Codes List. * To unlock the Nail Gun & Double Axe in the green locker, type the password: 171678. * To unlock the Pistol 45 and Baseball Bat in the green locker, type the password: 353479.

How do you escape from Silent Hill?

Your new objective will now be to escape from Silent Hill. You start at the Hillside Neighborhood. Climb down a long set of stairs. There is a blue truck in the parking lot. Notice a doorway nearby barricaded with wooden boards. Break your way in, and enter the building. There is some sort of green safe/locker here, a first of a series of safes.

Will there be a Silent Hill 8?

Staying true to the franchise’s original roots, this eighth installment of the Silent Hill franchise returns with an all new thought-provoking horror storyline.

How do you unlock the lockers in green safe puzzle?

Green Safe Puzzle SolutionUse the following codes to unlock the lockers:171678: Double Headed Axe, Nailgun911977: Golf Club, Rifle353479: Baseball Bat, Pistol (.45)You will run across three lockers in this area, each of them requiring a numeric password. You can use a code no more than once.