What is the compound name for PbO2?

What is the compound name for PbO2?

Lead(IV) oxide
Lead dioxide

PubChem CID 14793
Molecular Formula O2Pb or PbO2
Synonyms LEAD DIOXIDE 1309-60-0 Lead(IV) oxide Lead peroxide lead (IV) oxide More…
Molecular Weight 239
Dates Modify 2021-12-25 Create 2005-03-27

Is PbO2 a covalent compound?

The compound shown in the question is lead(IV) oxide, which according to its name, is composed of a lead ion with a charge of positive four. The atoms of lead and oxygen are in their ionic form because the difference in electronegativity between the two is significant.

How is PbO2 formed?

Lead oxide (PbO2) can be an important form of lead mineral scale occurring in some water distribution systems. It is believed to be formed by the oxidation of lead-containing plumbing materials by free chlorine.

What is the chemical name for CsF?

CESIUM FLUORIDE Caesium fluoride
Cesium fluoride

PubChem CID 25953
Molecular Formula CsF
Synonyms CESIUM FLUORIDE Caesium fluoride 13400-13-0 Cesium monofluoride Cesium fluoride (CsF) More…
Molecular Weight 151.9038551
Component Compounds CID 5354618 (Cesium) CID 14917 (Hydrofluoric acid)

What is red lead oxide?

Lead(II,IV) oxide, also called red lead or minium, is the inorganic compound with the formula. . A bright red or orange solid, it is used as pigment, in the manufacture of batteries, and rustproof primer paints.

Is pbo2 an ionic or covalent bond?

Lead Dioxide is an oxide compound where lead is in an oxidation state of +4. Possessing both ionic and covalent bonds, the compound is written as PbO2 and is sometimes called plumbic oxide.

Is pbcl2 ionic or covalent?

The charge on Pb in PbCl2 is +2 and PbCl4 is +4. According to Fajan’s rule, greater the charge on the cation, more is its ability to polarize the bonding electrons towards itself giving the compound a higher covalent character. PbCl has a greater charge and hence is covalent.

What happens when PbO2 is heated?

Lead (IV) oxide is thermally unstable and it tends to decompose into lead(II) oxide and oxygen upon heating. Whereas when lead(II) oxide is heated to around 450-480 °C, it forms lead(II,IV) oxide, also known as red lead or triplumbic tetroxide. If it is heated above 480 °C, reverse reaction will occur.

What is the correct chemical name for SO3?

SO3 : Summary

Code SO3
Molecule name SULFITE ION
Systematic names Program Version Name ACDLabs 10.04 sulfite OpenEye OEToolkits 1.5.0 sulfite
Formula O3 S
Formal charge -2

What type of bond is PbO2?

NH4Cl contains both Ionic and covalent bonds. A type of compound made up of atoms held together by covalent bonds. PbO2 is Rutile structured and crystallizes in the tetragonal P4_2/mnm space group.

What is the correct name for PbO2?

Latin for lead is plumbum, abbreviated Pb so lead dioxide is PbO2 or lead (IV) oxide.

What is chemical name PbO2?

PbO 2 is an oxide where the oxidation state of lead is +4 with chemical name Lead (IV) oxide . It is also called lead dioxide, or anhydrous Plumbic acid, or Plumbic oxide.

What is the oxidation number of PB in PbO2?

Explanation: In PbO2, oxygen exhibits an oxidation number of −2 (since it’s not a peroxide or superoxide): Let the oxidation number of Pb be x. Then, for the compound to be neutral, the oxidation numbers of all atoms should add up to zero.