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What is the current water level on Toledo Bend lake?

What is the current water level on Toledo Bend lake?

Select Sabine Basin Reservoir Gaging Stations-Near Real-time Data

National Weather Service US Geological Survey Current Level*
Toledo Bend (NWS) Toledo Bend (08025350) 167.66ft 2:30am
Lake Fork (NWS) Lake Fork (08018800) 400.11ft 1:30am
Lake Tawakoni (NWS) Lake Tawakoni (08017400) 435.77ft 2:15am

Why is Toledo Bend lake level low?

Although, with the level down to 166 feet over the last two weeks, some residents have wondered what’s going on. 7News caught up with the Louisiana Sabine River Authority Executive Director, Warren Found who said the low levels are due to continuation of their spillway repair project.

Is Toledo Bend generating?

The generating schedule for Toledo Bend Dam is available 24 hours / 7 days by calling (337) 286-LAKE (5253)….Welcome to Sabine River Authorityof Louisiana.

Reading Date: 12/30/2021 6:00:00 AM
Lake Level: 167.77 MSL
Current Water Flow: 210.00 CFS
Generator 1: No Run

How many gates are open at Toledo Bend right now?

All 11 gates are open by 2 feet. Of course, the gates opening brings back memories of the historic flood of 2016 on the Sabine River. As a comparison, right now 22,000 cubic feet per second is flowing out the spillway.

What is the water level at Caddo lake?

Historical Data

Date Mean Water Level (ft)
Today 2022-01-01 169.55
Yesterday 2021-12-31 169.57
2 days ago 2021-12-30 169.58
1 week ago 2021-12-25 169.67

What is full pool on Toledo Bend?

Toledo Bend Reservoir straddles the border of Texas and Louisiana, Texas has rights to 50% of Toledo Bend Reservoir’s total conservation capacity. Percent full, conservation storage and conservation capacity are based on the Texas share.

What is the deepest part of Toledo Bend?

Toledo Bend Reservoir/Max depth

The deepest point of the lake is 110 feet. When we visited Toledo Bend Lake, we snuck over to the Louisiana side to stay at Cypress Bend Resort which gave us the opportunity to enjoy the lake as well as take advantage of all of the resort amenities and specifically their fantastic golf course – a must play course.

What is full pool level of Toledo Bend?

172.00 ft
Additional Information

Impoundment date 1969-01-01
Emergency spillway crest elevation 173.00 ft above NGVD29
Maximum design elevation 175.30 ft above NGVD29
Top of dam elevation 185.00 ft above NGVD29
Conservation pool elevation 172.00 ft above NGVD29

What is the water level of Lake O the Pines?

228.15 ft

Lake O’the Pines
29 DEC 2021
Current Elevation Normal Elevation Current Wind Speed
228.15 ft 230.00 (Seasonal Pool) 8.54 mph
Reservoir Control Section

Is Caddo Lake at flood stage?

Near record flooding of the Cypress Village, Caddo Lake State Park, and Uncertain, Texas as well as on the Louisiana side of the lake through Mooringsport….Flood Categories (in feet)

Major Flood Stage: 178
Moderate Flood Stage: 174.5
Flood Stage: 172
Action Stage: 171.5
Low Stage (in feet): 165

What are bass biting on Toledo Bend?

Find the bait balls of shad on your electronics and you will find big schools of bass. You can also slow roll an A-rig, deep diving crankbait, big jigs (black/blue, black/red or watermelon red) or vertical jig a slab spoon.

Where can I find the generating schedule for Toledo Bend Dam?

The generating schedule for Toledo Bend Dam is available 24/7 by calling (337) 286-LAKE (5253). Comments: The generating schedule for Toledo Bend Dam is available 24/7 by calling (337) 286-LAKE (5253). If the spillway gates are Open, except for downstream flows, the road, and recreation area below the spillway, will be CLOSED!

What kind of permits does the Toledo Bend division issue?

The Toledo Bend Division office issues Private Limited Use Permits (PLUPs), Commercial Limited Use Permits (CLUPs), Grazing Permits, and Short Term Limited Use Water Contracts. Information and application forms can be downloaded from our Forms page

What does SRA-TX do at Toledo Bend?

SRA-TX’s Toledo Bend Division office manages the overall operation of the Texas side of Toledo Bend Reservoir, SRA-TX’s property within the Toledo Bend Reservoir project boundary, and SRA-TX parks on the Reservoir.