What is the difference between a cavitron and piezo?

What is the difference between a cavitron and piezo?

Magnetostrictive products, such as Dentsply’s Cavitron, have a linear or elliptical movement where all surfaces and sides are active. Whereas, with the Piezo scalers the tip movement is linear with just two sides being active.

Are dental hygienist using ultrasonic scaler?

Dental hygienists usually use an ultrasonic scaler because it is easier for the patient to tolerate. At its tip, the ultrasonic scaler vibrates to gently ease away plaque. The scaler also delivers a gentle stream of water to wash debris away. The hygiene assistant uses an aspirator to suck away the excess water.

Why is my cavitron leaking water?

Try plugging the water supply hose into an air source to blow out the dirt. If the leak persists, replace the regulator/solenoid assembly. Be sure the external hose filter is installed. Water leak from the handpiece while in operation.

Why does a cavitron get hot?

Lack of water flow is the most common cause of inserts and hand piece becoming hot during use.

Is a cavitron and ultrasonic scaler?

What is a Cavitron? A Cavitron is a state-of-the-art ultrasonic scaling system used to clean teeth. The machine uses oscillating sound waves to produce gentle vibrations that vibrate plaque and tartar off the teeth. Once removed, a steady flow of water washes away the loosened debris.

Can you use a piezo with a pacemaker?

W&H is the first manufacturer to confirm that W&H piezo scalers can be used on patients with cardiac pacemakers without any concerns.

Is it safe to use cavitron with pacemaker?

Magnetostrictive (Cavitron®) instruments may affect unipolar pacemakers, thus contraindicating their use. If the use of a magnetostrictive ultrasonic is prohibited, a sonic or piezoelectric instrument may be used as an adjunct to hand debridement.

Can you use an ultrasonic scaler with a pacemakers?

Electronic dental instruments, like ultrasonic scalers or apex locators, could potentially interfere with some implantable cardiac devices, such as pacemakers or implantable cardioverter-defibrillators.

Why is my cavitron getting hot?

Lack of water flow is the most common cause of inserts and hand piece becoming hot during use. than you need. other colour it will need replacing.

How do you unclog a prophy jet?

Insert the cleaning wire into the center tube in the nozzle tip and move it back and forth to remove any residual or clogged powder. Insertion may require the aid of pliers or tweezers in order to avoid “kinking” or bending the wire.

How do you unclog a prophy jet tip?

Gross debris can be removed by placing the Air Polishing Nozzle and Handpiece Sheath in an ultrasonic cleaner basket and immersing them in a multi-purpose cleaner. Operate the ultrasonic cleaner in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. Remove from the cleaner and dry completely with an air syringe.