What is the difference between fast lane and fast lane plus?

What is the difference between fast lane and fast lane plus?

There’s regular Fast Lane, which covers more than 20 rides including Millennium Force, Raptor and Blue Streak; and Fast Lane Plus, which covers all the Fast Lane rides, plus five of the most popular coasters including Steel Vengeance, Top Thrill Dragster, Valravn, Maverick and Gatekeeper.

Does Cedar Point Platinum Pass include fast lane?

New for 2020, those with a Platinum pass now have the option to add All-Season Fast Lane that is good at ALL Cedar Fair parks! 2020 Cedar Fair Platinum All-Season Fast Lane Plus costs $849.

How much time does Fast Pass Save Cedar Point?

To bypass the general line for these attractions, Cedar Point offers Fast Lane Plus starting at $101. Prices vary according to the crowd level on a specific day. Depending on the day, Fastlane+ may reduce your wait time by up to 70%.

Is the fast lane plus worth it?

We got the FastLane Plus passes and it was definitely worth it for us – just two people with just 1 day to visit. The lines were very long and we easily did 3x more rides than we would have otherwise.

How much time does fast lane save at Cedar Point?

How many fast passes are sold per day at Cedar Point?

The average attendance at a big Cedar Fair park (Wonderland, KI, Cedar Point) is between 20-25K daily, so if that holds then each park could potentially sell 4,000-5,000 Fast Lane wristbands daily. That number seems really high. The reality though is that it’s not an issue except in one case.

Can you upgrade from fast lane to fast lane plus?

Guests can purchase a regular Fast Lane and get a free upgrade to Fast Lane Plus! The upgrade is only available for purchases made at the park. This can be a savings of $20-50 depending on the day.

Is Fast Lane worth it at Carowinds?

Is the Fast Lane Worth it at Carowinds? If you hate waiting in lines, or have a limited time at the park it is absolutely worth it. It allows you to spend most of your time actually riding your favorite rides at the park rather than waiting. These passes also often sell out.

What are the best rides at Cedar Point?

Millennium Force.

  • Maverick.
  • Top Thrill Dragster.
  • Raptor.
  • Magnum XL-200.
  • GateKeeper.
  • Valrvn.
  • Gemini.
  • Wicked Twister.
  • Iron Dragon.
  • Where is the best place to stay near Cedar Point?

    The best place to stay at Cedar Point, is in a tent somewhere off the in the wooded areas of the frontier trail where nobody will ever notice.

    What is a fast pass at Cedar Point?

    Cedar Point Fast Pass. The wristband, which costs up to $50 a day above the price of an admission ticket, allows guests to jump to the front of the line of the park’s major rides. “I paid the extra 50,” says Colin Lapp, of Cincinnati, who was enjoying the second of a two-day stay at the amusement park.

    Does Cedar Point fast pass include admission?

    For the Ultimate Cedar Point Experience Upgrade to Fast Lane Plus and enjoy all of the Fast Lane attractions plus unlimited rides on Steel Vengeance, Maverick, Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster! A very limited number are available each day so buy yours today! Park admission not included .