What is the fear of feet called?

What is the fear of feet called?

Podophobia is an extreme and unrealistic fear of feet. Researchers don’t know exactly how podophobia develops, but you can take steps to reduce the anxiety this phobia causes. These methods may help change the way you think about and respond to this fear. Phobias can result in severe anxiety.

Is there a fear of poop?

Sufferers of this fear experience anxiety even though they realize their fear is irrational. They go out of their way to avoid coming into contact with feces or sometimes even seeing feces. Fear of feces is termed “coprophobia,” a word derived from the Greek “kopros” (dung) and “phobos” (fear).

What is Lifelink MTG?

Lifelink is a keyword ability introduced in Future Sight. Damage dealt by a source with lifelink causes that source’s controller to gain that much life.

What is the fear of feet phobia?

To most people, the fear of feet phobia might sound weird or bizarre. However, Podophobia does exist and is quite a common specific phobia affecting many people across the globe. The word Podophobia originates from Greek ‘Podos’ meaning feet. People with Podophobia tend to get upset at the sight of feet.

Is Podophobia an irrational phobia?

While most phobias are irrational fears, Podophobia aka the fear of feet appears to be extremely irrational because most people have feet. We are born with feet and the general population tends to take feet for granted, so it can be extremely strange to think of feet as something to be afraid of.

How do I overcome the fear of feet?

Most therapists recommend gradual desensitization to overcome the fear of feet. This involves slowly exposing oneself to pictures or images of feet. This can be then followed by touching feet or having other people touch theirs.

How do you get rid of a phobia of being scared?

To get rid of the fear, you may have to dig deeper to get to the root cause of the phobia. This can be done through cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, counseling, hypnotherapy, professional advice, self-help books, or the combination of the above.