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What is the hand in the sand in Uruguay?

What is the hand in the sand in Uruguay?

La Mano (The Hand) is a sculpture in Punta del Este by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal. It depicts five human fingers partially emerging from sand and is located on Parada 1 at Brava Beach in Punta del Este, a popular tourist town in Uruguay. In English, its popular name is The Hand.

How tall is la mano?

Standing at over 11 meters, roughly 36 feet, this tall and thick structure stands more than double the height of a giraffe, or about the height of the average telephone pole.

How long did it take to build la mano?

Irarrázabal finished his work in just six days. The colossal hand is made of concrete reinforced with steel bars, and metal mesh, and covered with a degradation-resistant material.

Where is the hand statue Atacama desert?

Coordinates: 24°09′30.01″S 70°09′23.56″W The Mano del Desierto is a large-scale sculpture of a hand located in the Atacama Desert in Chile, about 60 km to the south and east of the city of Antofagasta, on the Panamerican Highway.

How tall is the hand of the desert?

The sculpture was constructed by the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. Its exaggerated size is said to emphasize human vulnerability and helplessness. The work has a base of iron and concrete, and stands 11 metres (36 ft) tall.

Who made giant hand in desert?

Just outside the Chilean town of Antofagasta, the barren monotony of the Atacama Desert is shattered by what looks like a buried giant reaching out for help. Mano del Desierto, a 36-foot-tall hand protruding out of the sand, is the work of the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal, and was inaugurated in 1992.

What is Uruguay known for?

What is Uruguay Famous For?

  • Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America, it has about 3.4 million inhabitants with approximately 1.8 million people living in the capital city, Montevideo.
  • The country has a vast wine industry and it is located in the top five producers of wine in South America.

Where is the giant hand?

Atacama Desert
The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is the driest non-polar desert on Earth, but no spot in the barren Atacama is more unearthly than kilometer marker 1309 on the Pan-American Highway, where a small gravel road leads to a giant cement hand rising 36 feet out of the sand.

Who built mano del Desierto?

Mario Irarrázabal
Hand of the Desert/Artists
A majestic musing on a mournful topic, this 36-foot high sculpture of a human hand is located in a remote area of Chile’s Atacama Desert. It was made by the acclaimed Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal in 1992 and is intended to represent human helplessness and vulnerability (not waving but drowning springs to mind).

What is Uruguay famous food?

A Food-Lover’s Guide to Uruguay

  • Asado. Asado is the quintessential Uruguayan food.
  • Chivito. The chivito is a steak sandwich filled with a mountain of ingredients so delicious that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has named it his favorite sandwich.
  • Empanadas.
  • Corvina.
  • Choripan.
  • Torta fritas.
  • Milanesas.
  • Pizza and faina.

Which is the most beautiful beach in Montevideo?

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Montevideo. 1 Carrasco Beach. Carrasco is the most affluent neighborhood in the city. It has a lot of greenery, which makes it very nice to walk around while 2 Playa Verde. 3 Pocitos Beach. 4 Honda Beach. 5 Ramirez Beach.

Where is the hand of Punta del Este located?

Thursday, May 28, 2015 Read. The Hand of Punta del Este, or Mano de Punta del Este, is a sculpture of a hand partially emerging from sand and located at Brava Beach in the popular resort town of Punta del Este, in Uruguay.

Where is the statue of the Five Fingers in Uruguay?

It depicts five human fingers partially emerging from sand and is located on Parada 1 at Brava Beach in Punta del Este, a popular resort town in Uruguay. It is also known as either Monumento al Ahogado ( Monument to the Drowning Man ), Los Dedos ( The Fingers ), or Hombre emergiendo a la vida ( Man Emerging into Life ).

What to do in Montevideo?

It is right beside one of Montevideo’s most popular parks, Parque Rodó, a museum, and a vintage amusement park of the same name.