What is the meaning of being sentimental?

What is the meaning of being sentimental?

adjective : having an excess of sentiment or sensibility : having or expressing strong feelings of love, sadness, etc., in a way that may seem foolish or excessive.

How do you explain sentimentality?

Sentimentality is a quality of being overly, dramatically emotional — sad or loving or nostalgic. Your sentimentality on her eightieth birthday might make your down-to-earth grandmother roll her eyes. When your emotions go overboard, becoming a little theatrical or false, that’s sentimentality.

How do you use mawkish in a sentence?

Mawkish in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The star’s mawkish poem at her mentor’s funeral was so insincere that most of the guests rolled their eyes.
  2. Since I knew how much my mother loved my father, I knew she was not being mawkish when she sang his favorite song during his wake.

Is sentimentality a bad thing?

But there can be a sharp downside to sentimentality. It is not always as tied with goodness and warmth as many think. Indeed, sentimentality can be dangerous to our health, well-being and collective future. But sentimentality also arises in creepy people, including demagogues, oligarchs and murderers.

How do you use the word sentimentality?

Sentimentality sentence example

  1. It should avoid sentimentality , the awkward, gauche handling of emotion.
  2. It was a very sentimental film, much along the lines of Whiskey Galore, with justified, and not misplaced, sentimentality .
  3. But maybe the program’s greatest achievement was avoiding mawkish sentimentality .

What is the suffix of sentimentality?

The first records of the word sentimental come from the mid-1700s. The word sentiment is first recorded in the 1300s and comes from the Latin verb sentī(re), meaning “to feel.” The suffix -al is used to form adjectives. This kind of emotional effect is sometimes described as cheaply sentimental.

What is mawkish?

Definition of mawkish 1 : lacking flavor or having an unpleasant taste. 2 : exaggeratedly or childishly emotional a mawkish love story mawkish poetry.

What is a sentence for apprehensive?

Apprehensive Sentence Examples He’s certainly apprehensive about something. His expression was apprehensive, but he said nothing. While Cynthia was apprehensive over the wildness of the area, once there, the stark beauty that engulfed her dispelled her earlier trepidation.

Do narcissists get sentimental?

Many therapists say sentimentality is one of the symptoms of narcissism, which in turn can be a characteristic of psychopathy, as it may well have been for Hitler, Mussolini and Tony Soprano. “Rather than experience these {negative emotions}, narcissists prefer to imitate emotions and affect.”

Is sentimental an insult?

In modern times “sentimental” is a pejorative term that has been casually applied to works of art and literature that exceed the viewer or reader’s sense of decorum—the extent of permissible emotion—and standards of taste: “excessiveness” is the criterion; “Meretricious” and “contrived” sham pathos are the hallmark of …

Is sentimentality an emotion?

Sentimental means expressing, appealing to, or being moved by sensitive or tender emotions, such as love, nostalgia, or pity. The state or quality of being sentimental is sentimentality.