What is the meaning of Pompitous?

What is the meaning of Pompitous?

Noun. pompatus. (nonce word) One who is pompous or splendid. quotations ▼ (nonce word) Pomp, ostentatiousness, or spectacle.

Is Pompitous a real word?

Pompatus (or Pompitus) (/ˈpɒmpətəs/) is a nonce word coined by Steve Miller in his hit single “The Joker” (1973).

What does it mean to speak of the pompatus of love?

As seen in a clip posted on AXS TV’s official YouTube channel, Miller tells Rather that “pompitous of love” means “whatever you want it to mean.” He then recalls that sometime around 1969, Paul McCartney gave him some good advice when he asked him about how he wrote lyrics.

Who covered the song The Joker?

the Steve Miller Band
“The Joker” is a song by the Steve Miller Band from their 1973 album The Joker. It is one of two Steve Miller Band songs that feature the nonce word “pompatus”….The Joker (Steve Miller Band song)

“The Joker”
Label Capitol
Songwriter(s) Eddie Curtis Ahmet Ertegun Steve Miller
Producer(s) Steve Miller
Steve Miller Band singles chronology

What genre is Abracadabra?

Classic RockAbracadabra / Genre

What is a Midnight Toker?

The line “I’m a midnight toker” is a marijuana reference (as is the “toke” in Brewer & Shipley’s hit “One Toke Over The Line” from 1970). Many stoners related to this song, and in 2012, Spin magazine named it the most commercially successful pot song of all time.

How do you spell Pompitous?

The word pompatus, also spelled pompitous, is a neologism used in the lyrics of Steve Miller’s 1973 rock song “The Joker”.

When did the song Joker come out?

1973The Joker / Released

How old is Steve Miller?

78 years (October 5, 1943)Steve Miller / Age

Who had a hit with Abracadabra?

Steve Miller Band
“Abracadabra” is a song by American rock group Steve Miller Band, written by Steve Miller. The song was released as the first single from the 1982 album of the same name the same year….Abracadabra (Steve Miller Band song)

Genre Pop rock electronic rock funk rock new wave
Length 5:08 (Album version) 3:34 (Single/Video version)

Where did the term pompitous of love come from?

Steve Miller, who sometimes imported words from other songs (including his own) into his lyrics, misheard the word as ” pompitous ” or ” pompatus ” and added “pompitous of love” and “pompatus of love” to his songs, “Enter Maurice” and “The Joker”, respectively. The words were later used as a title to a movie, “The Pompatus of Love”.

What does Pompitus stand for?

Pompatus (or Pompitus) ( /ˈpɒmpətəs/) is an unusual word used by Steve Miller famously in his 1973 hit single ” The Joker “. The word is probably a corruption or imagined version of the word “puppetuse”, an original coinage of the 14-year-old Vernon Green, and subsequently released in 1954 as the Doo Wop song “The Letter” performed by…

What are some books with the word ‘pompatus’?

‘Pompatus’ is used by Michael Ondaatje in his 2001 book Anil’s Ghost. Stephen King uses the word in his 2006 novel Lisey’s Story. Tim Dorsey uses the word in his 2010 novel, Gator a-Go-Go. It was the subject of the October 9, 2011 Over the Hedge comic strip.

Why did Steve Miller use the words ‘epismetology’ and ‘pompatus’ in songs?

Presumably in homage to the Medallions’ song, Steve Miller used the nonce words “epismetology” and “pompatus” in the lyrics of two of his other songs, “Enter Maurice” and “The Conversation”, one of which is, like “The Letter”, in spoken-word style.