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What is the meaning of stride in one word?

What is the meaning of stride in one word?

The noun stride means “significant progress.” You might make a huge stride towards making peace with the rival school by hosting a block party and inviting their students. The noun stride also means “a step made while running or walking.” If you are bored, you can count your strides between home and the bus stop.

Is it good to take things in stride?

It helps the person be composed and mindful toward chaotic circumstances. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” The merits of the temperament to take things in stride introduces a person to become solution-oriented rather than problem-oriented. It helps in easing tension and anxiety.

What does it mean to make strides?

Advance considerably, make good progress, as in He made great strides in his study of Latin. Since its earliest recorded use in 1600, this expression has taken a number of forms—make a wide stride, take strides, make rapid strides. All of them transfer a long walking step to other kinds of progress.

What is the meaning of Stride Stride?

1 : a long step or the distance covered by such a step She crossed the room in only a few strides. 2 : a step forward : advance We’ve made great strides toward a cure. 3 : a way of walking a bouncy stride.

What is an example for stride?

An example of stride is when you walk down the street purposefully, wanting to quickly get to your destination. verb. The definition of an example of stride is a long step or working in such a way to make good progress. An example of stride is a step taken that covers a large distance.

How do you use stride in a sentence?

(1) In one short stride, he reached the window. (2) They took the emergency in their stride. (3) The boy walked with a confident manly stride.

Do you make a stride or take a stride?

What does long stride mean?

to walk with long steps, as with vigor, haste, impatience, or arrogance. to take a long step: to stride across a puddle. to straddle.

What is a good sentence for stride?

Stride sentence example. He paid no attention and continued to stride down the corridor. Jenn heard him stride away and slam a door. Her unusually swift stride outdistanced both of them.

What is another word for making strides?

What is another word for make strides?

advance move
make headway make progress
come along shape up
take shape be getting there
move forward in leaps and bounds develop

What does take things in stride mean?

Taking things in your stride means, as you go along the bumpy road of life, which most people will inevitably experience, you endeavor not to let the more challenging events you encounter blow you off course. Try to focus on getting through the difficult patches with forethought and patience and courage and sometimes a modicum of humour helps.

What does ‘take it in your stride’ mean?

“Take in stride” means that you deal with something difficult or unpleasant in a calm or easy manner–you cope with a situation well. It is a reference to walking/marching.

What does take something in ones stride mean?

take (something) in stride To handle or cope with something, especially something unpleasant, without a noticeable change in one’s demeanor. You have to learn how to take criticism in stride if you want to be successful in this business.