What is the molar mass of potassium nitrate?

What is the molar mass of potassium nitrate?

101.1032 g/mol
Potassium nitrate/Molar mass

How do you find the molar mass of sucrose?

Find the molecular mass of table sugar (sucrose), which has a molecular formula C12H22O11. To find the molecular mass, add the atomic masses of all of the atoms in the molecule. Find the atomic mass for each element by using the mass given in the Periodic Table.

What is the molar mass of potassium nitrate K NO3 2?

Potassium nitrate

PubChem CID 24434
Molecular Formula KNO3
Synonyms POTASSIUM NITRATE 7757-79-1 Nitre Nitrate of potash Nitric acid potassium salt More…
Molecular Weight 101.103
Component Compounds CID 944 (Nitric acid) CID 5462222 (Potassium)

What is the molar mass of k2so4?

174.259 g/mol
Potassium sulfate/Molar mass

What is the percentage by mass of potassium in potassium nitrate?

The percent by mass of potassium nitrate is 33%.

How do you calculate moles of sucrose?

Explanation: And we have to calculate the number of moles of sucrose present in a lb mass of sucrose: Moles of sucrose=454⋅g342.30⋅g⋅mol−1=1.33⋅mol .

What is the molar mass of sucrose C12H22O11 quizlet?

The molar mass of sucrose (C12H22O11) is 342.3 g/mol.

What is the molar mass of cl2?

70.906 g/mol
Dichlorine/Molar mass

What is the molar mass of potassium bromide?

119.002 g/mol
Potassium bromide/Molar mass

What is the formula mass of nano3?

84.9947 g/mol
Sodium nitrate/Molar mass

What is the molar mass of cucl2?

134.45 g/mol
Copper(II) chloride/Molar mass

What is the molar mass of KNO3 (potassium nitrate)?

The molar mass of KNO3 (Potassium Nitrate) is: 101.1023 grams/mol. See also our theoretical yield calculator for chemical reactions (probably your next stop to finish the problem set). Tool Overview: Molar Mass of Potassium Nitrate (KNO3)

Is potassium nitrate soluble in water?

Potassium Nitrate is a crystalline salt, KNO3; a strong oxidizer used especially in making gunpowder, as a fertilizer, and in medicine. Potassium nitrate appears as a white to dirty gray crystalline solid. Water soluble.

What is the equilibrium equation for saturated potassium nitrate in water?

In a saturated potassium nitrate (KNO 3) solution in water (H 2 O), a dynamic equilibrium will be established and the reaction equation is shown in equation 1: KNO 3 (s) ⇌ K+ (aq) + NO 3-(aq) [Eq. 1] The equilibrium constant K sp

What is the grade of potassium nitrate in SAJ?

Potassium nitrate, SAJ first grade, >=99.0% Potassium Nitrate, Trace metals grade 99.99% Potassium nitrate, 99.999% trace metals basis Potassium nitrate, JIS special grade, >=99.0%