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What is the passing score in LTO Non Pro exam?

What is the passing score in LTO Non Pro exam?

What is the passing score in LTO exam? The passing score for non-professional driver exam is 30 out of 40; while for professional driver exam it is 45 out of 60.

How can I get non pro LTO?


  1. Secure a Student Driver’s Permit from LTO.
  2. Enroll for a Practical Driving Course (PDC) from an LTO-accredited driving school.
  3. Complete all the needed requirements for your Non-Professional Driver’s License application.

How many years before non pro license expires?

A Non-professional driver’s license will expire 3 years after it was acquired or renewed. Drivers that has not been apprehended for any traffic violation during the 3-year validity period of their driver’s license can apply for a 5-year validity period of their license upon renewal.

What can I drive with non pro license?

When it comes to the restriction code, a person holding a non professional license can only drive motorcycles and the like (RC1) and an MT or AT vehicle that has a gross weight of less than or equal to 4,500Kg (RC 2 and 4).

How many items are there in LTO non Pro Test?

The LTO written test is a 40 (non-pro) to 60 (pro) item exam that consists of questions about road and traffic rules in the Philippines. Is there a practical exam for non pro license?

Why choose this LTO exam reviewer?

Here you’ll find the most comprehensive reviewer containing questions with answers to help you pass the LTO written exam and prepare you for driving on Philippine roads. This LTO exam reviewer will make you well versed with the Philippine road and traffic rules and make you a better, more effective, safer driver.

Is the Land Transportation Office (LTO) exam multiple choice?

This reviewer is based on the one available from the Land Transportation Office itself. Take note however that on the LTO examination itself, the questions will come in a multiple-choice format and some questions might even be phrased differently.