What is the salary of CEH in India?

What is the salary of CEH in India?

The ethical hacker salary in India ranges from INR 1.77 lakh per annum and goes up to INR 40 lakh per annum. Bonus for this role ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 2 lakh, whereas shared profits go up to INR 5.11 lakh.

What is the salary of a CEH?

CEH Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $161,500 $13,458
75th Percentile $109,500 $9,125
Average $104,813 $8,734
25th Percentile $79,500 $6,625

Is CEH good for freshers?

The CEH Certification supports you establish your career in cybersecurity. If you are a fresher and looking for a cybersecurity field as an ethical hacker, the CEH certification, the broadest of the three, may be right for you.

What should I do after CEH?

Job Opportunities that can be Taken up after CEH Certification:

  • Security Engineer.
  • Penetration Tester.
  • Network Security Jobs.
  • Homeland Security Jobs.
  • IT Auditor Positions.
  • Ethical Hacker.
  • Security Administrator.
  • Site Administrator.

What is next after CEH?

After CEH or some other ethical hacking course, you should look for a job in Vulnerability Assessment/ Penetration Testing field. It will get you a good experience about security and so will start getting comfortable with auditing process and the general compliance standards of Infosec industry.

What comes after CEH?

Can a BTech student become a hacker?

It is important to have a Bachelor’s degree (BSc, BTech, BE, BCA) in Information Technology or Computer Science to become an ethical hacker. Candidates with an advanced diploma in network security or relevant technology can also choose ethical hacking as a professional career.