What is the ZIP code of Quezon City Philippines?

What is the ZIP code of Quezon City Philippines?

ZIP Codes of Quezon City, Philippines Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code Alicia 1105 2 Amihan 1102 2 Apolonio Samson 1106 2 Baesa 1106 2

What is the local location and ZIP code for Bagong PAGASA?

Listing the local location and zip code for the following area: Location ZIP Code Bagong Pag-asa 1105 Bagong Silangan 1119 Bagong bayan 1110 Bahay Toro 1106

Where is Quezon City located?

Quezon City is a nearby city of Manila in the Philippines. It is situated relatively in the high plateau of the metropolis. It is the most populated city in the Philippines higher than Manila City. It is one of the biggest city in term of the population with primarily residential in nature.

How many barangays are there in Quezon City?

Quezon City is composed of 4 districts with 142 barangays. Places to visit here are Quezon City Memorial Circle, La Mesa Eco Park, and the University of the Philippines. Dona Faustina Subd. Sto. Cristo

ZIP Code Area Province or city 400 International Correspondence School San Juan 401 Asian Development Bank San Juan St. Ignatius Quezon City 1110 Talampas Quezon City 1110 Ugong Norte Quezon City 1110 White Plains Santa Lucia Pasig 1609 Rosario Pasig 1610 Santolan Pasig 1611 Manggahan Pasig 1612 Green Park Pasig

What is the ZIP code of San Juan City Philippines?

Zip Code for San Juan (Cabalian), Southern Leyte – 6611 Zip Code for St. bernard, Southern Leyte – 6616 Zip Code for Tomas Oppus, Southern Leyte – 6605

What is the ZIP code of Bais City Negros Oriental?

Zip Code for Bais City, Negros Oriental – 6206 Zip Code for Basay, Negros Oriental – 6222 Zip Code for Bayawan, Negros Oriental – 6221 Zip Code for Bindoy, Negros Oriental – 6209

How many ZIP codes are there in Metro Manila?

Usually, more than one code is issued for areas within Metro Manila, and provincial areas are issued one code for each town and city, with some rare exceptions such as Dasmariñas, Cavite which has three ZIP codes (4114, 4115, and 4126), Los Baños, which has two ZIP codes…