What jobs are on the decline?

What jobs are on the decline?

Fastest declining occupations

2020 National Employment Matrix title 2020 National Employment Matrix code Employment, 2030
Cutters and trimmers, hand 51-9031 5.7
Telephone operators 43-2021 3.6
Watch and clock repairers 49-9064 2.1
Door-to-door sales workers, news and street vendors, and related workers 41-9091 41.0

What does outlook mean in jobs?

Job outlook: a statement that conveys the projected rate of growth or decline in employment in an occupation over the next 10 years; also compares the projected growth rate with that projected for all other occupations; see Growth rate.

What jobs have the highest growth rate?

Here are the jobs that the U.S. Labor Department and BLS project will be the fastest growing jobs going into 2030, along with the median annual pay:

  • Wind turbine service technicians: $56,230.
  • Nurse practitioners: $111,680.
  • Solar photovoltaic installers: $46,470.
  • Statisticians: $92,270.
  • Physical therapist assistants: $59,770.

What are the top five careers that are declining in employment?

The following 15 occupations will experience the biggest decline over the next seven years, losing more than a fifth of all their workers:

  1. Locomotive firers.
  2. Respiratory therapy technicians.
  3. Parking enforcement workers.
  4. Word processors and typists.
  5. Watch repairers.
  6. Motor vehicle electronic-equipment installers and repairers.

What is a job outlook for a lawyer?

4% (2019)
6% (2014)
Lawyer/Projected 10-year growth

What is the job outlook for dermatologists?

Job growth for dermatologists is healthy, with a 7 percent demand increase year over year for physicians in general, and a much higher demand increase for dermatologists. Since 2004, vacancies for dermatologists have gone up 80.51 percent, greatly outpacing the national average vacancy growth for most fields.

What are the 20 fastest growing jobs?

The Top 20 Fastest Growing Jobs

Occupation Percent employment change, 2020–2030P Median annual wage, 2020
Wind turbine service technicians 68.2% $56,230
Nurse practitioners 52.2% $111,680
Solar photovoltaic installers 52.1% $46,470
Statisticians 35.4% $92,270