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What kind of camera is the Sony NEX vg900?

What kind of camera is the Sony NEX vg900?

Sony breaks serious new ground with the NEX-VG900—the world’s first camcorder to feature a full-frame image sensor. Utilizing an E-mount interchangeable lens system, and shipping with a free A-mount lens adapter, the VG900 sits stoically at the top of Sony’s line of interchangeable-lens Handycams.

How does the NEX-VG900 record video using E-mount lenses?

When using E-mount or A-mount DT lenses, the NEX-VG900 automatically switches to APS-C mode. Easily record Full 1080 HD uncompressed clean-screen video files to external recording devices via an HDMI connection in 24p, 60p and 60i frame-rates.

Should I get the NEX-VG900 or the 5D Mark III?

There are also a professional XLR microphone adapter and a power zoom lens for the NEX-VG900, which the 5D Mark III lacks. If you want a full frame camera for video that works like a video camera instead of a still camera, you should get the VG900.

What is the size of the Sony vg900 sensor?

To achieve stunning results the VG900 employs a 24.3MP, full-frame, 35mm Exmor HD CMOS sensor. At 1.4-inchx0.9-inch (35.8mmx23.9mm), the sensor is more than twice the size of APS-C sensors and approximately 40 times larger than those found in standard consumer camcorders.

What’s the difference between the NEX-VG20 and the NEX-VG30?

The NEX-VG30 also comes with a Sony’s new multi-interface shoe, which affords you a little more accessory flexibility than the shoe found on the NEX-VG20. The other main addition is not part of the body, but rather the included power zoom kit lens.

Does the Sony NEX-VG30 have a stereo microphone?

The front stereo microphone on the NEX-VG30 is identical to the one on the NEX-VG20, utilizing their Quad Capsule Spatial Array—the coolest name for a secondary feature you’ll ever see. Making matters worse is that fact that, with the VG30 in stores now, Sony has officially discontinued the cheaper VG20.

Is the Sony VG30 a full-frame camera?

Like its predecessor, the VG30 is a member of Sony’s NEX interchangeable-lens camcorder family, which also includes the NEX-VG900 —Sony’s first camcorder with a full-frame image sensor (and a $3,300 price tag). Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.