What kind of engine is 98462?

What kind of engine is 98462?

It is unknown what type of engine 98462 and 87546 really are. 98462 looks like a cross between Edward and Gordon with a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement, no outside cylinders or motion, Stephenson valve gear and oval buffers.

Who is the fastest Thomas character?

Gordon is the No. 4 blue engine who pulls the express. As the senior member of the engine family, he is the fastest and most powerful of The Fat Controller’s team – and he knows it. He’s goodhearted, always willing to forgive, and uses his superior strength to help smaller engines out of trouble.

What engine is 87546 based on?

In this drawing he is based on an LNER B17, although his prototype has since been changed to one more timeline-accurate.

Who is Thomas the Train girlfriend?

Rosie is a lively little tank engine who idolises Thomas, which sometimes bothers him. She works as both a shunting engine and a mixed-traffic engine.

Who is the red engine in Thomas?

James the Red Engine
James the Red Engine is a fictional anthropomorphic tender locomotive from The Railway Series children’s books by the Reverend Awdry and the TV series adaptation Thomas & Friends. He is a mixed-traffic engine, which means he is just as capable of pulling coaches as trucks.

Who is Alfred the b12?

Alfred (also known as 98462) is a steam engine who came to the Island of Sodor in 1922. Alfred was Gordon’s rival for 60 years, following an accident at Maron station with some sleepers. Gordon thought Alfred had done it on purpose until Thomas shared what he saw that night.

Is Gordon faster than Spencer?

Gordon is very surprised and wonders who he is. When Gordon arrives at the shed, the engine is humming to himself. James explains that he is Spencer, the fastest engine in the world.

Who is number 20 in Thomas the Tank Engine?

Hurricane is painted reddish brown with a black running board, red lining, steam pipes and wheels. He has brass nameplates on either side of his running board, the number “20” painted on his front buffer beam in yellow and brass and red number plates on either side of his coal bunker.

What type of engine is Crovan?

Basis. Crovan is a completely custom built engine. Gordon claims that He is a “hybrid of many builds”. Despite this, he resembles a LB&SCR H2 class but with a 4-6-0 wheel configuration.

Who is the purple engine on Thomas?

Charlie is a playful purple tank engine who loves to tell jokes and have fun. He can usually be found working at Knapford Yards. Bash and Dash are two fun-loving logging Locos that were sent to Misty Island as punishment for causing chaos on the Mainland. They eventually make it off thanks to Thomas.

What kind of engine was James?

James is based on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway “Class 28”, an 0-6-0 mixed-traffic tender engine of 1912/13, designed by George Hughes and based on the earlier Class 27 designed by John Aspinall.

What is the name of Thomas 98462’s blue livery?

The model of Alfred was released on SI3D, and TheFattHatt reskinned it into 98462’s blue livery, incorporating Alfred’s name. Over the years, Alfred has earned a cult following among Thomas Fans on the internet and because of this, many fans, including WildnorWester and ShunterProductions, have used Alfred in their stories.

What are 87546 and 98462?

87546 and 98462 are two blue tender engines who once visited the North Western Railway on trial from a railway on the Mainland . In 1923, two rude blue engines only known by their numbers – 87546 and 98462 – were sent to the North Western Railway on trial.

What is the origin of the name 98462?

98462 was the basis for Skarloey123’s fan character Alfred in his series “Sodor: Dark Times”, first uploaded to YouTube in 2009. The model of Alfred was released on SI3D, and TheFattHatt reskinned it into 98462’s blue livery, incorporating Alfred’s name.

What is the difference between the engines 87546 and 98462?

It is unknown what type of engine both 87546 and 98462 really are. 87546 is only seen in one illustration, where he appears to have outside cylinders and inside steam pipes. Although his wheel arrangement is unknown, it is known that he has at least two leading wheels. 98462, on the other hand, appears in three illustrations.