What pipe size is dn80?

What pipe size is dn80?

Where do NPS or DN stand for?

Diameter Nominal DN (mm) Nominal Pipe Size (inches) Outside diameter (OD) inches (mm)
80 3 3.500 in (88.90 mm)
100 4 4.500 in (114.30 mm)
150 6 6.625 in (168.27 mm)
200 8 8.625 in (219.08 mm)

What does 25nb pipe mean?

Nominal Bore
In the American system, the pipe diameter is known as “Nominal Pipe Size” (NPS) or “Nominal Bore” (NB). Confusingly, for pipe sizes with a NB of 12 inch (DN 300 mm) and below, the nominal bore and outside diameter are different. For example, a pipe with a 12 inch NB (DN 300 mm) has an OD of 12.75 inches, or 324 mm.

What does dn65 mean?


Diameter Nominal DN (mm) Nominal Pipe Size NPS (inches) Outside diameter (OD) inches (mm)
50 2 2.375 in (60.33 mm)
65 2 1/2 2.875 in (73.02 mm)
80 3 3.500 in (88.90 mm)
100 4 4.500 in (114.30 mm)

What are the dimensions of schedule 80 pipe?

Large Pipe. At 4 inches in diameter and above, Schedule 80 pipe is specified in whole-inch measurements, all the way up to 18 inches. This pipe is usually used for long distance distribution of pressurized liquids; pressure ratings do not vary from size to size to the extent found in smaller pipes.

What is the thickness of schedule 80 steel pipe?

The 1/2-inch Schedule 40 pipe has a wall thickness of 0.109 inches, but the thickness of the Schedule 80 pipe at 1/2-inch is 0.147 inches.

What is the pressure rating for schedule 80 pipe?

High-Pressure Water. Schedule 80 PVC pipe is rated for at least 200 psi at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. This is well above the 65 psi found in standard water systems. It is also well above the 140 psi rating standard in Schedule 40 PVC pipe. It is, however, less than the 370 psi of Schedule 120 pipe.

What is Dn pipe size?

For instance, a 2-inch galvanized steel pipe has an inside diameter of about 2 1/8 inches and an outside diameter of about 2 5/8 inches. In plumbing pipe size is referred to as nominal pipe size – NPS, or “Nominal Pipe Size”. The metric equivalent is called DN or “diametre nominel”.