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What qualifies as an ugly sweater?

What qualifies as an ugly sweater?

An ugly Christmas sweater is any Christmas-themed sweater that could be considered in bad taste, tacky, or gaudy. The general consensus is that the more embellishments—tinsel, reindeer, Santa Clauses, candy canes, elves, presents, etc. —the uglier the sweater.

How do you judge an ugly Christmas sweater contest?

How to Judge an Ugly Sweater Contest

  1. Categories for Judging. Come up with a few different categories for different prizes.
  2. Sticker Voting. One way to judge the contest is to take a photo of each participant as he arrives at the party.
  3. Applause Voting.
  4. Prizes.

What is the ugly sweater pattern called?

The design now known as the selburose has a long history. It appears in textiles across European history, and in knitting pattern books from Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany in the 16th to 18th century.

How do you use an ugly sweater contest?

How To Win an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

  1. How to Win an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. Sure, Christmas is the season of giving.
  2. Consider Your Audience. What’s ugly to one group might be charming to another.
  3. Go Full on Ugly.
  4. Consider an Interactive Sweater.
  5. Think Outside the Sweater.
  6. Bribe the Judge.

What is the point of ugly Christmas sweater?

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day was created to honor those who happily wear these memorable sweaters during December. It’s a holiday that was derived from another, existing holiday.

What is the origin of the ugly Christmas sweater?

The ugly sweater first became a household meme in the 1980s with The Cosby Show’s, Bill Huxtable leading the way. Chevy Chase’s character in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation added the holiday twist to this look.

Who won the ugly sweater contest?

Mary Nelson of Austin turned her ugly sweater look into a grand prize winning look on ABCs Kelly and Ryan’s holiday sweater contest. Out of 25 semi-finalists, five were chosen from online voting. Nelson received a two-thousand dollar gift card from West Elm. Video Player is loading.

How do you make an ugly Christmas tree sweater?

Making Your DIY Ugly Sweater

  1. Step 1: Form a tree shape with your garland.
  2. Step 2: Decorate your tree.
  3. Step 3: Add a brown felt rectangle for the tree trunk.
  4. Step 4: Attach an elf and packages at the base of the tree.
  5. Step 5: Glue a string of the bead garland around the bottom hem.

What is an argyle sweater?

An argyle sweater is a shirt that showcases the argyle pattern. It generally has a square or rectangular box on the front, which showcases an even-length pattern of diagonal checkers. This pattern is called the argyle design.

What are Scandinavian sweaters called?

The lusekofte (Norwegian: [ˈlʉ̀ːsəˌkɔftə], lice jacket), also called the Setesdalsgenser (Setesdal sweater) is a traditional Norwegian sweater, dating from the 19th century. The lusekofte is casual attire, traditionally mostly worn by men.

How do you host a virtual ugly sweater party?

How to Host a Virtual Ugly Sweater Party in 6 Steps (Plus Extras!)

  1. Step 1: Email over-the-top invitations.
  2. Step 2: Scout out your sassy sweater.
  3. Step 3: Meet up online in a cozy Zoom room.
  4. Step 4: Set the scene with a pretty pixel picture.
  5. Step 5: Play fun remote ugly sweater party games.