Common questions

What should I set my crossover frequency at?

What should I set my crossover frequency at?

Set the crossover point around 10 Hz below the lowest frequency your speakers can produce without issue. (keep in mind that the most common recommendation for crossover frequency is 80 Hz).

What is crossover frequency?

The crossover frequency is the frequency at which sound transitions from one speaker to another. In a passive speaker, the electronic crossover components determine where the sound transitions from the speaker channels to a subwoofer. The crossover frequency can also be set manually if further optimization is needed.

What is crossover in sound system?

Audio crossovers are a type of electronic filter circuitry that splits an audio signal into two or more frequency ranges, so that the signals can be sent to loudspeaker drivers that are designed to operate within different frequency ranges.

What is a crossovers frequency?

Crossover is the frequency where speakers begin to roll off, and the subwoofer starts outputting bass notes and LFEs. Most of today’s systems have an EQ feature that will set up the proper crossover automatically based on the specifications of your speakers.

Do I need to set crossover frequency for all speakers?

If your system has separate channels with both speakers and a subwoofer, you will need to set the crossover frequency for the entire system, including all speakers. If your system has channels with both speakers and a subwoofer, make sure your system is set up with the two speakers set up in-line with the subwoofer.

Why does my bass sound muffled with crossover frequency?

If the crossover frequency is set in a much higher range, the deep bass sound will be coming from the main speakers. As a result, they aren’t able to reproduce the upper-midrange and high-frequency sound as well, which results in a muffled audio quality.

What is the best crossover frequency for low end bass?

It is best for low-end bass. For main speakers: the recommended crossover frequency is 56-60 Hz (high pass). At this frequency, low-end bass, which can cause distortion, is filtered out. This crossover is the perfect middle ground between midrange bass capability and full-range sounds.