When can I book classes at Bannatynes?

When can I book classes at Bannatynes?

You can book classes up to three days in advance using our online member portal or via the new Bannatyne App. Whether you want to refuel after a workout or enjoy a social Starbucks with a friend, you can feel at home in our Cafe Bars.

What is body flex at Bannatynes?

This is an 18 minute HIIT workout consisting of 3 rounds, each round has the same 7 bodyweight exercises and a ‘Core Blast’ finisher between each round. Each round you are ‘shifting’ your intensity between similar exercise patterns, with each new pattern targeting a different part of the body.

What is RPM Biss?

RPM ™ is a group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. With great music pumping and the group cycling as one, your instructor takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding.

How many Bannatyne Health Clubs are there?

Portfolio. As of May 2016, Bannatyne’s has 66 gyms, 37 spas and five hotels across the UK and plans to add a further 16 spas to existing health clubs this year.

Does Bannatyne joint membership?

Whilst memberships are personal, and may not be shared, as a goodwill gesture we do allow memberships to be transferred to another person.

How long is Bannatynes swimming pool?

Leisure Pool

Length 25m
Width 9m
Shallow end 1m

How old is Ostergaard?

50 years old
I’m 50 years old a dad of 3 kids a certified fitness fanatic let me inspire and motivate you….and the Program Director for LM Pump/Sprint and RPM.

What bikes do Les Mills use?

Today, Les Mills announced a global partnership with Stages® Indoor Cycling, whose bikes have been chosen as the preferred bikes for LES MILLS cycle classes. LES MILLS SPRINT ™, RPM ™, and world-first immersive fitness class THE TRIP ™ are hosted in thousands of clubs around the world.

Can you take guests to Bannatynes?

Guest Rules. (a) Guests must be signed in by a Member immediately upon entering the Club and the appropriate guest fee must be paid. (b) Guest fees are due in addition to appropriate tariff charges. (c) A Member can bring a maximum of 4 guests at any one time.

Can you join Bannatynes for 1 month?

Receive a month free! Eligible members who select a 1-month or 12-month membership shall have 1 months membership fees waived in full.

Can I take my child swimming at Bannatynes?

Food & Drink – no food or alcohol is to be consumed in the Pool area at any time. Peak Times – at times of high usage, children are not allowed to use the Swimming Pool lanes unless they are competent lane swimmers. Access to the Pool will be restricted when the limit is reached.

Can you bring a guest to Bannatyne gym?

How do I book a class with Bannatyne?

For a full timetable, visit the Bannatyne App. You can book a class through our members portal online or via the Bannatyne app up to 3 days in advance. Live-stream your favourite Les Mills classes from your OWN HOME!

Why choose the Bannatyne spa Luton?

RELAX THE MIND, SOOTHE THE SOUL AND LIFT THE SPIRIT. Here at The Bannatyne Spa Luton in partnership with Elemis, we invite you to melt into a haven of tranquillity, a retreat in which to relax, unwind and revive yourself.

What is Bannatyne live-streaming?

We are live-streaming from some of our Bannatyne Health Clubs, giving members access to join in from home, all via the Bannatyne App! This is an exciting complimentary service, as we aim to support fitness goals offering flexibility as to where members can workout