Common questions

Where can I find the qtableview?

Where can I find the qtableview?

The QTableView is the white box near the top. The first row of text (the “MAC Address Serial Number Device Name” is the header data (set in the model). The line that begins “b4:e6” is the first row of data in the table.

What is qitemdelegate in Qt GUI?

The QItemDelegate class provides display and editing facilities for data items from a model. In this example, we’ll use Qt Gui application with QDialog: As we discussed in other ModelView tutorials, Qt’s MVC may not be the same as the conventional MVC. If the view and the controller objects are combined, the result is the model/view architecture.

How to customize the spinbox in Qt mydelegate?

Also note that Qt already provides SpinBox withing a cell of the TableView. Let’s customize the SpinBox. To customize the SpinBox, we need to create a new class. When a new instance of MyDelegate created, it does not have the methods to use to make it functiioning (i.e. customizing the SpinBox).

How do I set the extent of the qscrollbar?

The extent of the QScrollBar (i.e the width or the height depending on the orientation) is set using the width or height property respectively. To determine the orientation, use the :horizontal and the :vertical pseudo states.

How to add custom header view in UITableView for section in swift4?

The best working Solution of adding Custom header view in UITableView for section in swift 4 is — #1 first Use method ViewForHeaderInSection as below –

How do I insert a header in Xcode plist?

Open the IDETemplateMacros.plist file you’ve made, double click the value row and paste the text there. Press Enter. The row in Xcode plist editor can only show one line, so it’s fine if you only see the last line of your header. Paste the custom header from text editor to the value cell.

How to implement SwiftUI in Xcode 11?

Now let’s directly dive into the code. Create a new project with XCode 11, Click the checkbox Use SwiftUI. You will see the project structure like this. Here ContentView is the first view of the window for the application. Before we start the implementation, first we will create models and test data required for this project.