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Where can I get the Oracle class in Aqw?

Where can I get the Oracle class in Aqw?

This class can be obtained for FREE in the Class Shop, which can be accessed through the Book of Lore.

Where can I get spellbreaker enhancement in Aqw?

Speak with Rayst the Master of the Tower in Arcangrove to buy Spellbreaker Enhancements.

Where can I buy enhancements in Aqw?

To enhance a piece of equipment Open the game menu > Shops > Enhancements > Then choose which one you want. Enhancements are also sold by some NPCs. You can join /trainers for Fighter, Thief, Wizard and Healer.

Where do I get the Darkblood StormKing?

Thunderforge Rep Shop
Tomorrow the Darkblood StormKing Class is being released. It will be in the Thunderforge Rep Shop in Falguard as well as in the Class Shop (Menu Shops Button, Ragnar NPC in Battleon or your Book of Lore).

How do you get a bucket of rust in Aqw?

The Rustbucket is not the prettiest armor, but it’ll help you in battle. This Class can be obtained by completing the “ProtoSartorium Parts” quest in the Crash Site. Rustbuckets are a hybrid Class, relying on their Strength, Intellect, Endurance, and Dexterity stats.

How do you get Bloodmoon tokens?

A token earned by completing the Random Blood Moon Challenge.

How do I become a vampire lord?

You can only become a Vampire Lord if you purchase Dawnguard which can be found currently exclusively on Xbox 360. The PS3 and PC version of Dawnguard DLC for Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim will be available very soon however in the next month or so. You can find the DLC on the Xbox 360 Dash Board or on the Xbox Website.

How to get AQW Oracle class?

To get AQW Oracle Class you can get it from the Book of Lore by following this steps to open the shop: 1. Click this “Book of Lore” icon in your in game main bar. 2. After that Click this “Lorepedia” option. 3. Then Click the “Get more Classes!”. Option.

How do I get the Oracle class?

AQW Oracle Class 1 Click this “Book of Lore” icon in your in game main bar. 2 After that Click this “Lorepedia” option. 3 Then Click the “Get more Classes!” Option. And you will be directed to the Class Shop! 4 After that find the Oracle Class, and you can get it for free! More

What are oracles good for?

Oracles are strong healers and can see into everyone’s future, past and present, even if they don’t know it! They are excellent at maintaining the health and status of their friends. They can also notify their friends of their opponents weaknesses and strengths, making them the perfect ones to accept a party invite from.

What is the best class to pair with Oracle?

– Any other power-hitting class: Oracle can provide healing and additional effects through Group Divination, and can provide increased dodge chance/critical strike chance through Foretell. It basically goes well with any class since any hero would need healing when they’re near death.