Where did Ben Schwartz go to college?

Where did Ben Schwartz go to college?

Union College2003
Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School1999
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Schwartz attended Edgemont Junior–Senior High School where he played basketball and sang in the chorus; he graduated in 1999. He then attended Union College from which he graduated in 2003 with a double major in psychology and anthropology.

Is Ben Schwartz in a relationship?

No, as far as we know, Ben Schwartz does not currently have a girlfriend. If Ben Schwartz is in a relationship, he has kept it under wraps as there is no sign of a significant other on any of Ben’s social media accounts.

Is Ben Schwartz a dad?

Why Ben Schwartz Isn’t Mad About ‘Disney Dad’ Phase of His Career (Exclusive) Schwartz is officially a daddy in his new film.

Is Ben Schwartz Italian?

Jewish actor and comedian Ben Schwartz is perhaps best known for his role as Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on Parks and Recreation. Schwartz grew up in Riverdale, a Bronx neighborhood, in a Jewish family. When he turned 11, his family moved to Edgemont, a Westchester suburb of New York City.

Is Ben Schwartz in Bob’s Burgers?

Bob’s Burgers is welcoming Ben Schwartz back as a guest voice star in the show’s latest episode “Tappy Tappy Tappy Tap Tap Tap.” Reprising his role as Josh, we have an exclusive sneak peek at his return with a special clip from the April 19 installment.

Are Ben Schwartz and Jenny Slate related?

Parks and Recreation characters Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) and his “twin sister from the same mister” Mona Lisa Saperstein (Jenny Slate) bring the party wherever they go. The duo appears in multiple episodes over the course of seven seasons and each cameo is more hilarious than the last.

Does Josh like Tina?

Of all the boys we’ve been introduced to, Josh is easily the best fit for Tina. Despite not being around as much as Jimmy Jr, he’s been more attentive to Tina and never made her feel slighted which Jimmy Jr does. In addition, Josh really likes Tina and isn’t afraid to show it.

Who is Tina’s teacher?

Miss Jacobson
Miss Jacobson (voiced by Melissa Bardin Galsky) – Miss Jacobson is the 8th-grade teacher who is usually seen teaching Tina’s class which often includes Jimmy Jr., Jocelyn, Tammy Larsen, and Zeke.

Is Ben Schwartz related to Jenny Slate?

Are the actors of John ralphio and Mona-Lisa related?

Mona-Lisa Saperstein is the “twin sister from the same mister” of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, whom he describes as “the worst person in the world” and a “total klepto, nympho, and pyro”. She is the daughter of Dr. Saperstein.

Are the ralphio siblings real?

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein is a fictional character played by Ben Schwartz in the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation. Jean-Ralphio’s twin sister Mona-Lisa and their obstetrician father are also introduced in later seasons.