Where does the word rapscallion come from?

Where does the word rapscallion come from?

Rapscallion is an old fashioned word for “scamp” or “scoundrel.” It’s most often used in a lighthearted way: “Some rapscallion seems to have replaced the cream in my Oreo with toothpaste — then again, it is April Fools Day!” Rapscallion, first used in the 1600s, was originally rascallion, a fancier version of rascal.

What does being a rapscallion mean?

Definition of rapscallion : a person who causes trouble : rascal, ne’er-do-well If a little prince with a permissive nanny can get bumptious on occasion, a regal rapscallion without any nanny could fast become a royal pain. —

What does bloody rapscallion mean?

rapscallion. / (ræpˈskæljən) / noun. a disreputable person; rascal or rogue.

Where did the term Ruffian come from?

Ruffian comes from a Germanic word that literally translates as “scabbiness,” and perhaps ruffians are covered in scabs from all the fights they start. Sometimes a ruffian is a person involved in crime, however, the word is always used to describe someone who’s a cruel, violent jerk.

Is rapscallion a bad word?

And we have plenty of nouns that mean poor conduct. My favorite is probably “rapscallion.” It means “villain” and is an alteration of an older word, “rascal.” Rapscallion sounds like something a soldier in armor might say to a combatant. “Scalawag” or “scallywag” is a word that has gotten around.

What is another word for rapscallion?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rapscallion, like: rascal, knave, scalawag, scallywag, rouge, miscreant, rogue, varlet, scoundrel, (colloq.) rascal and monkey.

What is a Yobo?

Definitions of yobo. a cruel and brutal fellow. synonyms: bully, hooligan, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, tough, yob, yobbo.

Who is this rapscallion?

rapscallion in British English (ræpˈskæljən ) noun. a disreputable person; rascal or rogue. Word origin.

What is the meaning of Rapscallions?

rapscallion (plural rapscallions) A rascal, scamp, rogue, or scoundrel. 1901, Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford, The Inheritors, ch. 3: She was the sister who had remained within the pale; I, the rapscallion of a brother whose vagaries were trying to his relations.

What is the origin of the word ‘rascallion’?

The word rascal has been part of English since the 15th century, but on its own it apparently didn’t quite capture the disagreeable nature of the wily knaves of yore. By the 17th century, English speakers had modified “rascal” to create “rascallion.”.

Why do they say the Devil fetch ye Ragamuffin Rapscallions?

The reason is that one of the sex was once caught there blabbing every thing she knew about what was going on above ground, to the rapscallions in the infernal regions down below. The devil fetch ye, ye ragamuffin rapscallions; ye are all asleep.

Is the Rapscallion rabbit still around?

“Rascallion” is still around as well, but it’s very rare. Recent Examples on the Web There’s tension between Thomas and Peter (voiced by James Corden), however, as the uptight novice farmer can’t bring himself to trust the rapscallion rabbit.