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Where is Chetumal located in Mexico?

Where is Chetumal located in Mexico?

Bust at right is of Mexican hero Andres De Quintana Roo from whence the state takes it name. Chetumal is at the midpoint between Mexico and Central America where converge the more exotic of two geographic regions and cultures. Chetumal city practically sits at the border with English-speaking…

How many listings are available in Chetumal?

Only 5 listings are available in Chetumal. Below you can find real estate from nearby areas in Quintana Roo: Nah Incredible apartment with jacuzzi. Investor pricing for a limited time!, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo Do you speak Spanish? See Casas en Venta en Chetumal

What does chitumal stand for?

Chetumal (UK: /ˌtʃɛtʊˈmɑːl/, US: /ˌtʃeɪtuˈ-/, Spanish: [tʃetuˈmal] (listen); Modern Maya: Chactemàal [tɕʰaktʰe̞mɐː˨˩l], lit. “Place of the Red Wood”) is a city on the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. It is the capital of the state of Quintana Roo and the municipal seat of the Municipality of Othón P. Blanco.

What is the capital of Quintana Roo?

Gateway to Belize, Tikal in Guatemala and the numerous Río Bec ruins, Chetumal is the capital of Quintana Roo state. Buses connect major cities, including those in Belize. Rental cars cannot be taken through the Belize border.

What is it like to live in Chetumal?

Chetumal is a city of civic pride. Well planned and maintained parks make for scenic and relaxing areas suitable for family recreation. Above, beauty queen photo shoot at the park. Chetumal is a modern, clean and well maintained city.

Is Chetumal the cradle of the mestizo race?

Chetumal bills itself as the front door from Central America to Mexico, capital of Quintana Roo, and cradle of the Mestizo race. In reality, neighboring Corozal in Belize is the cradle of the Mestizo founded by Gonzalo Guerrero.

Where was the original chaktemal located?

Modern historians now believe that the original Chaktemal was on the other side of the Rio Hondo, in present day Corozal Belize. Highway 186 stretches to Escárcega and continues on to the state of Campeche. To reach Chetumal from Merida, the capital of Yucatan, take highway 184 to Felipe Carillo Puerto, and then highway 307.